EPP President: Viktor Orbán was one of the stupid people at the EU summit

European People’s Party leaders were furious. Manfred Weber said Orban was one of the stupid people at the EU summit.


“Victor Orban threatened other European leaders at the EU summit and represented the interests of President Vladimir Putin at the negotiating table.”

Manfred Weber, elected new president of the European People’s Party last week, said during a debate in the EU summit at the European Parliament on Wednesday. As Euronews ReportWeber said the overall results of last week’s EU summit were good, progressed and well underway.

Orban represents Putin’s interests

However, Weber added:

“I don’t know why people who haven’t spoken before mention the name of Victor Orban.”

In his opinion, when people look at what happened at the last EU summit, they see that “Victor Orban was one of the stupid people at the table.” Weber wondered how it would have been to sit next to him, survive the blackmail of Victor Orban, and see the Hungarian Prime Minister stand in the negotiating table on behalf of Putin’s interests.

Politicians admitted that he had “a long personal history with Viktor Orbán,” which he said was “exiled from the EPP two years ago.”

It’s not time to make a decision

This issue is important because many people in Europe feel and understand that the current structure is not appropriate for decision-making, according to EPP politicians.

Weber said this was the reason why the bridging clause of the Lisbon Treaty should have started. This allows unanimous criticism in certain cases. That is, the leaders of member states do not have the right to veto.

Too much money to go to russia

Even before the EU summit, German politicians said the Russian war against Ukraine was “morally unacceptable” that hundreds of millions of euros were being sent from the EU to Moscow every day.

“Frankly, I’m sick of Victor Orban, who directs the pace.”

Manfred Weber said.

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