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“I regret not being able to protect you.” This was part of statement Issued by a UN human rights expert on 14 July, it urged the Israeli government to release the Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Manasla.Only 14 years old at his time Arrest Manasura is now 20 years old after being tortured by the Israeli army. His case represents Israel’s overall inhumane treatment of Palestinian children.

The expert statement was powerful and heartfelt. It accused Israel of robbing young Manasla “from his childhood, family environment, protection and all the rights he should have been guaranteed as a child.” Considering Manasura’s “deterioration of mental condition”, he called this case a “ghost”. The statement went further and declared, “This case is … a mess of all of us as members of the international human rights community.”

Ahmad Manasura is a Palestinian youth who has suffered severe psychological torture, including solitary confinement, since being imprisoned by the occupying forces at the age of 13 seven years ago – cartoon. [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Condemns Israel for the abuse of Palestinian children, whether surrounded by war-torn Gaza or under military occupation and apartments in the west bank of the Jordan River and the rest of the occupied territories of East Jerusalem That is common.

But for some reason Israel is still Spare A spot on the flattery list, published annually by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to name and embarrass governments and groups committing serious violations of children and minors around the world.

Oddly, report It acknowledges Israel’s horrifying records of violating children’s rights in Palestine. It details some of these violations directly identified by UN workers. This includes “2,934 serious violations of 1,208 Palestinian children” in 2021 alone. However, this report is consistent with the world’s most tragic Israeli and Palestinian records, the fact that nine Israeli children were affected by Palestinian violence that year.

It is regrettable that he intentionally injured a child, regardless of the circumstances or the perpetrators, but UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, of course, equates a systematic violation committed by the Israeli army. It’s daunting to think that is appropriate. And nine Israeli minors, whether intentional or unintentional, victimized by Palestinian armed groups.

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To deal with the obvious discrepancy between Palestinian and Israeli child victims United Nations Report All categories have been grouped together to distract the perpetrators and reduce the focus on Israeli crime. For example, the report states that a total of 88 children were killed throughout Palestine, 69 of whom were killed in Gaza and 17 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. However, the report breaks down these murders in a way that overwhelms Palestinian and Israeli children, as if trying to confuse the reader. Careful reading reveals that all but two of these killings were carried out by the Israeli army.

In addition, the report uses the same logic to analyze the number of children disabled in conflict, but of the 1,128 disabled children, only seven were Israelis. Of the rest, 661 were in Gaza and 464 were disabled on the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The report He continues to blame the “armed Palestinian group” for some of the Palestinian victims allegedly injured as a result of “an accident involving children near military training exercises.” Assuming this is the case, this type of accident, by the UN’s own definition, is accidental and is not considered a “serious breach.”

But the misleading breakdown of these numbers was not a coincidence in itself. Guterres was able to declare that “Israel should be listed if the situation is repeated in 2022 without any meaningful improvement.”

To make matters worse, the Guterres report deliberately changed the policy of the right-wing Israeli government regarding Naftali Bennett and Yile Rapid’s targeting Palestinian children. Of course, there is no evidence of this.

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June 27, Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) report DCIP confirmed that as many as 15 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli forces during the first six months of 2022. This is about the same number. They were killed in the same area throughout the previous year. This number includes five children in the occupied Genin city alone. Israel has targeted journalists who have attempted to report these violations, including Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. killed May 11th, Ali Samaudi shot Behind the exact same day.

Of course, more can be said Siege There are hundreds of thousands of children in the Gaza Strip, known as the “World’s Largest Outdoor Prison,” and even more in the occupied West Bank.Lack of basic human rights, including life-saving medicines, and cleanliness in the case of Gaza waterAs far as Palestinian children’s rights are concerned, there are few measurable improvements in Israeli performance.

If you think the UN report is a step in the right direction, think again. 2014 is one of the most tragic years for Palestinian children, with 557 children killed and 4,249 injured, most of them in the Israeli Gaza War, according to previous UN reports. Targeted inside.Human rights watch Said The number of Palestinians killed was “the third highest in the world that year.” Still, Israel was not blacklisted on the UN’s “Shame List.” The clear message here is that Israel has no legal, political or moral accountability for its actions and may target Palestinian children as they please.

This is not what Palestinians expect from the United Nations, which is believed to exist to end armed conflict and bring peace and security to all. So far, the message from the world’s largest international organization to the rest of Manasula and Palestine remains unchanged. “We regret not being able to protect you.”

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