Erdogan continues to send mixed messages


Turkey’s President Legep Typ Erdogan sent a mixed message to Greece again on Friday, stating that he initially did not want a war with Greece, but the Greeks were destined to be similar to 1923 after the war between Greece and Turkey. Threatened to face a little later. ..

In addition, he called on the Greeks to politically punish Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsutakis.

“We are not going to war with Greece. But Greece does not keep that promise. They have invaded our airspace 147 times in a very short period of time. Of course, you do. If I commit a breach, my air force will stand up and give you the answer you need, “he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan also claimed that the leaders of the NATO summit in Madrid this week tried to reconcile him with Mitsutakis, but said, “I’m not thinking about it at this point. What’s the future? I will evaluate it. “ Erdogan continues to send mixed messages

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