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Eric Cantona-Doha News accused of hypocrisy in the boycott of the Qatar World Cup

Forward said he would not attend or watch the match this winter because Qatar is not suitable for hosting the tournament.

The World Cup in Qatar has been criticized since its announcement in 2010. The lack of information about Qatar’s lack of history as a football nation, allegations of corruption, and the lack of rights of migrant workers are often criticized.

Eric Cantona repeated these feelings in a British interview Daily mail, So he stated why he boycotted the tournament.

“Honestly, I don’t really care about the next World Cup, which isn’t the real World Cup for me,” the French said.

“In the last few decades, there have been many events like the Olympics and World Cup in emerging countries such as Russia and China.”

“But Qatar-it’s not a country of football. I’m not against the idea of ​​hosting the World Cup in a country that has the potential to develop and promote football, like South Africa and the United States in the 90’s. Hmm.”

“In fact, in the United States today, the sport with the most licensed people is football. But in Qatar, the truth is that there is no such possibility. Nothing. I think it’s just money.”

Cantona’s comments can’t explain the almost visible football fever that hit Qatar, which hosted the first FIFA Arab Cup last month. The country stagnated as hundreds of thousands of fans filled the stadium during the tournament and football enthusiasts showed how successful Qatar could be in hosting major international tournaments.

“It’s just money and how they treated the people who built the stadium, it’s horrifying. And thousands of people have died. Still, we’re celebrating this World Cup.”

Football tradition

Declaring that Qatar has little football culture reveals that many analysts have described it as an inadequate Western gaze. Qatar has maintained a football culture since 1948, when oil workers organized matches among them. Men and women of all ages can be seen playing sports in parks and schools, and the Qatar national team has won three Arabian Gulf Cups in addition to the first AFC Asian Cup.

Boycott call

In recent months, there has been an increase in calls from European groups to boycott the 2022 World Cup. Such efforts are reflected in national teams such as Norway, the Netherlands and Germany. The team then withdrew the boycott, but team members are actively promoting the welfare of migrant workers.

However, these efforts usually do not mention the enormous changes made by the Qatari government. The Kafala system is being abolished, the Minimum Wage Act has been enforced, and significant progress has been made on labor issues. 83.25 QAR million repaid by contractor To migrant workers.

While these efforts are not sufficient to brag about a completely modified system that includes workers’ rights, some migrant workers are still by employers, including full salaries and retention of assets belonging to the workers. I have not received any reports of abuse. Reports by reputable rights groups and organizations such as the United Nations International Labor Organization show progress from the Qatari government as they are actively working to resolve issues related to violations and exploitation.

Academic Dr. Justin Martin outlined the obvious hypocrisy in Eric Cantona’s boycott call, noting that Cantona not only saw the last World Cup in Russia, but also actively promoted it. Despite Russia’s poor human rights records.

Boycotts at the last World Cup in Russia and Brazil were not seriously discussed, despite their poor performance in human rights. This has led many to believe that the recent call for a boycott of Qatar 2022 is part of a broader slander campaign against Doha.

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