Espoo introduces new measures to save electricity

as an electricity bill With the threat of power shortages growing, the city of Espoo is preparing to introduce effective measures to reduce power consumption. Espoo does its part to conserve electricity through various means and encourages residents to do the same.

During the fall, Espoo’s Energy Policy Team, made up of representatives from all city sectors, considered energy conservation measures from a variety of perspectives.

The measures chosen are aimed at ensuring the supply of electricity to the population and the various activities of the city. This measure also aims to reduce power consumption peaks and keep energy costs from rising.

Espoo saves energy with concrete measures

Espoo City Hall has approved the Energy Strategy Team’s proposals for the following energy conservation measures:

  • Inside the premises used by the city, the indoor temperature drops to about +20.5 °C. Children’s centers and 24-hour housing for the elderly and disabled do not lower the indoor temperature.
  • Ventilation adjusts according to operating hours without compromising indoor air quality. Ventilation changes are not made in 24-hour elderly and disabled housing, swimming pools, and other places with severe indoor air problems.
  • The city no longer illuminates the facades of buildings, and the lights in the gardens are turned off at night.
  • LED street lights are programmed to dim at night where technically possible.
  • Shortens the time required to heat the artificial turf and shortens the maintenance period for the skating rink in winter.
  • Using snow machines at ski resorts avoids peak energy demand.
  • The temperature in the swimming pool sauna is regulated.

Espoo has been saving energy for years

In addition to the above energy-saving measures, over the years, Espoo has taken various measures to reduce on-site energy costs in line with the Municipal Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement (KETS). By signing the contract, Espoo promised that he would reduce total energy consumption within the facility by 7.5% between 2015 and 2025. This equates to 19,611 MWh.

Energy savings are also being achieved by modernizing city buildings and street lighting, and replacing older light sources with LED technology. This has reduced the energy consumption of lighting in city facilities by about 4%.

Espoo provides energy-related information on its website.

In addition to direct energy conservation measures, Espoo participates in the nationwide Down a Degree campaign to encourage employees and residents to conserve energy at work and at leisure. At the same time, the city prepares for possible disruptions to energy production and distribution during the upcoming winter season.

For the latest information on energy conservation measures and opportunities, visit website.


Source: City of Espoo Espoo introduces new measures to save electricity

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