Essential oils important for the development of wellness tourism: Ministry

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Rizki Handayani, Deputy Director for Tourism Products and Events, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, emphasized the importance of essential oils in the development of wellness tourism.

Therefore, people should be informed about essential oils and their benefits to attract tourists, she noted in a statement Saturday.

To this end, the ministry organized a workshop on the theme of “Indonesian Aromatherapy DIY (Do it Yourself) Experience” at the 2022 International Wellness Tourism Conference and Festival (IWTCF) in Surakarta, Central Java. held.

This workshop will feature speakers from Karimatalyi, an Indonesian aromatherapy group, to educate participants on the benefits of essential oils as a useful practice of aromatherapy for relaxation of mind and body and general wellness. Did.

One of the speakers, Honey Gunawan, said that essential oils are extracted from specific plant parts that produce scents with different characteristics.

Some essential oils are extracted from rhizomes such as ginger, turmeric and temlawak, others are obtained from roots, bark, fruit, stems, leaves, petals, buds, shrubs and seeds.

During the workshop, Karimatarii member Arlin Chondro said that essential oils not only have a unique and pleasant scent, but also physical and mental health benefits.

Ideal for massage, healing wounds, and providing comfort, the use of essential oils aids in relaxation, concentration, and warming of the nasal passages.

Essential oils can be combined based on personal preference. Moreover, he explained that the prices are relatively affordable.

Additionally, essential oils can be inhaled with a diffuser, inhaler, or tissue and then applied to the skin.

However, he emphasized that the essential oil must be mixed with vegetable oil before applying it to the skin.

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