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EU member states recognize the right of countries bordering Russia to close their borders to Russian citizens, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsar Reinsar said on August 31, as Estonian broadcasters reported. told ETV’s morning show Terevisioon on Wednesday. error.

“I am saying today that the countries of the region, because of their location, have a legitimate right to take steps they deem reasonable in their national security interests,” Reinsalu said. says.

The minister acknowledges that Estonia is home to about one million adults and that the invasion of our territory by 300,000 citizens of aggressor states in the last six months is a real problem EU foreign minister explained the situation to

«How many border guards do you need for each citizen of an aggressor state? Is the whole country just defending its borders? » asked Rhinthal.

Asked if this means that countries on the EU’s eastern borders will implement their own restrictions if a Europe-wide agreement to limit the entry of Russian citizens into the EU is not reached, Reinsalu said: replied that it could be done in its own territory.

«But when this (step) was put on the table, the foreign ministers of the (other) European Union countries recognized (the) legitimacy, saying that the situation and circumstances are very special for countries bordering Russia, It is different from the situation in a country 2,000 kilometers away,” he continued.

Estonia’s foreign minister said he had discussed the issue with the foreign ministers of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland on Tuesday, Aug. 30, and will border with Russia if the entire European Union refuses to impose tougher measures. He said joint action by countries could be possible. Restrictions on Russian Citizens.

On Wednesday 31 August, EU foreign ministers will discuss measures to curb a Russian aggression in Ukraine at an informal meeting in Prague. The desire of countries on the EU’s eastern borders to restrict her entry into the EU for Russian tourists will also come up on the agenda. Estonian Foreign Minister: EU recognizes country’s right to close borders – Baltic News Network

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