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General elections will take place on March 5, 2023, Estonian President Alaa Kalis signed a resolution, writing that Estonian television jumped into the party’s proposal. ERR news.

Most political parties start campaigning after the Christmas holidays, but some parties have already revealed their slogans and key issues in the election.

Overall, the main issues are quality of life, wages and taxes. It is the focus of the Social Democratic Party, whose leader Lauri Lenemetz said wages should rise as well as prices. The Palenpools Party, a new party led by former state attorney general Lovely Perling, also says the economy is an issue that must be considered.

Another issue for candidate political parties is security.

Easty 200 Leader Lauri Hussar said, “Security is a central issue in these elections, both from a defense perspective and from a perspective of dealing with the future.”

The party participated in the last election in 2019 but failed to reach parliament.

The candidate points out that energy and smart development are key issues for Estonia’s future. Green Party Co-President Johanna Maria Tugu said it was included in the Green Party’s slogan “Smart Development”. This means that everyone should feel the benefits of intelligent management, as Estonia needs to function. Isamaa is a political party that has chosen to focus on energy issues.

Its chairman, Helir-Valdor Seeder, said:

At least one political party has identified immigration as an important issue for Estonia, which should be carefully managed to prevent Estonians from becoming a minority in their country. Estonia’s Conservative Party leader Martin Herme said: and Russian. »

Political parties are determined to contest seats in parliament. Meanwhile, Estonian President Alaa Kalis warned voters to be careful and not fall into the trap of empty promises. Estonian political parties launch election campaigns – Baltic News Network

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