Eternal Materials conservative for Q3 2022

Taiwan-based Eternal Materials, which specializes in the supply of synthetic resins, dry film photoresists and CCLs for PCBs, and other electronic materials, is conservative on its third quarter 2022 results, and is on track to optimize its product portfolio. We are continuing to reduce inventory and reduce inventories. Maintain gross margin performance.

The company’s July revenue fell 3.57% quarter-on-quarter to TWD 4.01 billion (USD 133.66 million), mainly due to a slowdown in demand for various synthetic resins, which currently have the highest profitability. ) became. Net profit for the month was NT$278 million, down 5.69% quarter-on-quarter and down 25.63% for the year.

From January to July, sales increased by 3.16% year-on-year to NT$29,559 million, while net profit decreased by 7.7% to NT$2,571 million.

Electronic materials were the second largest revenue contributor to the company, primarily dry film photoresists, CCLs, and vacuum compressors combined. The company is actively developing high resolution dry film photoresists for use in FC-BGA packaging and ABF substrate manufacturing to meet growing market demand.

With the surge of 5G, HPC and automotive applications spurring PCB market demand and specification upgrades, Eternal is also keen to develop high frequency and high speed CCL products with high unit price and gross margin. These are expected to be high growth products. company line.

It is also developing a new generation of vacuum compressors used in the production of high-end IC substrates, and is expected to gain new growth momentum from this product.

The company is rolling out green materials, including recycled, refined and renewable materials, to support the proliferation of 5G, semiconductor, EV, and energy storage applications. Eternal Materials conservative for Q3 2022

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