Ethereum founder hopes crypto payments will become ubiquitous soon

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin will speak at Korea Blockchain Week 2022 at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas on Monday.union
Year 2022
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Crypto Moguls Share Blockchain Prospects At Asia’s Biggest Trade Show
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Lee Min Hyun

Cryptocurrency moguls at home and abroad shared their visions on blockchain technology at Asia’s largest trade fair, which kicked off for two days in Seoul on Monday.
울 에 울 동안 개최 되 되 되 아 아 시 의 의 행 행 위크 2022 월 상화 상화 화 화 화 블록체 블록체 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의 의

Co-hosted by FactBlock and Hashed, Korea Blockchain Week 2022 is an annual event since 2018. He voiced his opinion on the future of blockchain.

Leaders and stakeholders from blockchain-centric platform operators such as games, venture capital firms, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) covered a wide range of topics about the next big blockchain issue.
임, 벤처, 벤처 금융 표들 표들 과과 관계 관계 체불 능 능 (NFT) 과과 중심 블록체 중심 블록체 블록체 관 한 업 한 한

The Ethereum blockchain founder delivered a keynote and shared the next mainstream growth strategy. He expects more people to use Ethereum to make payments in their daily lives in the next two to three years.
더 더 블록체 창 조 조 연설 더 의 의 요 요 요 했다.

Ethereum is in the final stages of an upgrade known as a “merge” that will change the system to a greener proof-of-stake mechanism.
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Buterin, who last visited South Korea three years ago, said at the event: The Ethereum Foundation plans to soft-launch Merge by September 19th.
3 년전한국전한국방문한부테린에서 (9월월된머지이후이후) 이더리움 재단은 9월 19업데이트 계을설계했다.

Ethereum founders also expected transaction fees to drop significantly after the long-awaited system upgrade.
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He emphasized that this will improve the scalability of Ethereum and allow more people to make cryptocurrency payments in their daily lives.
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Following Buterin’s speech, Klaytn Foundation Leader Seo Sang-min discussed the technology layers of the future Metaverse world.
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Hashed’s group of blockchain industry leaders and partners also provided their perspective on how blockchain-centric technology paradigms will reshape the financial world in the Web 3.0 era.
여러블록체 여러블록체 업계 업계과 표들 표들 해 웹 웹 웹 웹 으 으 술 패러다 임패러다 임패러 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 계 형태 형태 형태 형태 형태 형태 형태

South Korean government officials have pledged to partner with the industry for the country’s leap forward in digital finance.
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Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “Without digital financial business, the city cannot improve its status and competitiveness.”The city government has formulated multilateral policies to attract more international financial institutions. Digitization and data-driven cutting-edge technology will reshape our daily lives, and we will take insights from Blockchain Week and use it as a key impetus. For the city’s growth in digital finance.”
오 훈 시 시 시 시 디 디 을 하 하 을 을 을 킬 없 없다 ”고 고다. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

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■ Happens
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■ Extensibility 확대 가능성
■ Paradigm
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■ Jump 높이뛰기, 도약
■ Multilateral 다자간의, 다각적인
■ State-of-the-art technology
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