EU Intel chief scraps Taiwan trip after China finds out: report


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taiwan, european union, tension, intelligence, european union (eu)

taiwan, european union, tension, intelligence, european union (eu)



The People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as an integral part of its territory and, in accordance with the “one China” principle accepted by most of the international community, offers all countries associated with Beijing the right to extend Taipei’s It has asked them to refrain from official diplomatic contact with the authorities.

The head of the European Union Information and Situation Center (EUINTCEN), José Cassimiro Morgado, canceled a planned trip to Taiwan after officials in Beijing found out about it, Politico reported. two diplomats with information about the situation.

China has reportedly successfully pressured Brussels to cancel a trip scheduled for next month. China’s discovery of Mr Morgado’s planned itinerary also raised surprises as to whether Beijing obtained information about the top-secret visit electronically or via human intelligence.

The anonymous diplomat also expressed concern over the fact that Brussels collapsed so quickly after Beijing’s intervention was reported.

An EU official assured Politico that Mr Morgado had no intention of traveling to Taiwan and had only planned telephone conversations with Taiwanese officials. It was scrapped after China’s ferocious reaction to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan earlier this month, followed by weeks of Chinese military exercises around Taiwan.

A spokesman for China’s Permanent Mission to the EU commented on Morgado’s talk of canceling his visit, saying that the Chinese government is “consistent with all forms of official exchanges between the Taiwan region and any country or entity that has diplomatic relations with China.” I am firmly against it,” he stressed.

The EU has generally sought to avoid antagonism with China, with China-EU trade reaching €696.1 billion in 2021 and the People’s Republic acting as the bloc’s largest trade and investment partner.

At the end of last year, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu visited Brussels with a delegation of the European Parliament. round trip A trip to Taipei.
Parliamentarians from individual EU member states also travel to the islands from time to time.Last week, five French MPs Arrived In Taipei, they pledged to discuss regional security, technology, supply chains, and French support for Rogue Island.
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - Sputnik International Airport, 1920, 07.09.2022

Five French lawmakers visit Taiwan, reports say

Also last week, a delegation of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan for a two-day visit as part of an extensive tour of the region.

A delegation of four Taiwanese lawmakers visited Washington, DC on Tuesday. for private meetings with US officials.

China adheres to the “One China” principle, which recognizes that China is the sole legitimate government of China, and Taiwan (officially the “Republic of China” itself) is part of the People’s Republic of China.

Taiwan began several weeks of military exercises in August on Pelosi’s tour. The Speaker of the House is technically the third person in the U.S. presidential race if anything happens to President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, and he stands by the virtues of American democracy. I visited the island at the beginning of last month.

This week, the US media report The Biden administration is considering new sanctions against China aimed at “dissuading” Beijing from invading Taiwan, while Washington and Taipei are pressuring the EU to join the new restrictions. .

Chinese authorities have made reunification of Taiwan and the mainland a major policy, hoping that reunification will take place peacefully under the “one China – two systems” model currently applied to Hong Kong and Macau. Make it a priority. This would theoretically allow Taipei to maintain substantial political and economic autonomy even though it is part of China.

Taiwan has enjoyed virtual independence from mainland China since 1949, when nationalist forces fled to the island after Communist forces occupied the rest of the country during the Chinese Civil War. Since then, Beijing and Taipei have slowly established major economic and informal diplomatic ties. $312.4 billion In 2021, despite rising geopolitical tensions. EU Intel chief scraps Taiwan trip after China finds out: report

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