EU is growing and becoming more and more important-Draghi-English

At a press conference after the European Council in Brussels on Friday, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said, “The EU is growing and becoming more and more important. An institution where all EU countries can provide stability and security. It is becoming an institution that is attracting attention as. ” “.

He continued after the council approved his position as a candidate for Ukraine and Moldova: “.

“In the euro area, energy prices and inflation are expected to slow down in all countries,” Draghi said. “We are working to protect and strengthen the purchasing power of Italians.”

He continued. “We talked about energy and what to do with such highs. Italy has a very strong stock market, and Russia’s dependence on gas, which was 40% last year, is now 25%. Has begun to produce results.

“As we move from inflation that depends heavily on energy to inflation that depends on others, we must respond to energy prices immediately. These rises are widespread and are increasing in other commodities. It is going on.

“As for energy prices, I am very hesitant about the actions of each country. I requested an extraordinary energy summit in July, but was told that there was no research to discuss yet.

“Currently, in the final resolution, the Board requests the Committee to prepare this study by September, which will then be discussed by the Board in October.

If there is new action by Moscow, the council “accepts the hypothesis of the extraordinary summit,” Draghi said.

“It was said in an obvious way: we don’t let it go past two and a half months without doing anything if something else happens in terms of energy.

“There is a great deal of awareness about the seriousness of the situation. There is a lot of talk about the adjustments and solidarity that should be there, and there must be a response to control the price of gas.

“Opposing the price cap is a concern that Russia will cut supply accordingly, but Germany has already reached 50% of the flow.

“Putin has the same numbers and the EU has great difficulties.”

The measures Italy plans to take “will ensure that there are no emergencies during the winter,” Draghi said.

He said Italy was in a “good position” thanks to the search for a new supplier.

“We talked about mechanisms to compensate for those most affected by sanctions. There are many asymmetries in terms of military involvement, refugee flow, and energy, but they are not one-way asymmetries, only us. Was not attacked. “

Draghi was asked if he was considering remodeling after Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio split from the Five Star Movement (M5S) and formed his own new party, Together for the Future (IpF). No. “

When asked if his mission was stronger or weaker, the Prime Minister replied, “I feel I have the same mission.”

Draghi added, “We will meet with trade unions as soon as possible, at most 10 or 15 days,” regarding the crisis in living expenses and the need to protect purchasing power.

Protecting the purchasing power of Italians is “essential to many aspects, one of which is social peace,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

“I’m not disappointed with this summit. On the contrary, I didn’t expect to be able to set the exact date for a complete report on energy issues. Things may not have happened, but they are working. .as soon as”.

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