EU leaders warning Turkey about action

The upcoming draft European Council conclusions include concerns expressed by the EU on actions to increase Turkey’s behavioral tensions in the Aegean Sea and East Med.

According to the CNA, these concerns were raised before Tuesday’s Council of General Affairs discussions on Turkey to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all EU member states.

27 EU leaders also respect international law and Relieve tension Promote good neighbor relationships for regional stability and in a sustainable way.

At the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, Foreign Ministers of Cyprus and Greece pointed out Turkey’s problematic actions on the Aegean Sea.

Two uneasy NATO neighbors have been fighting for years over maritime boundaries and energy exploration rights in the conflict areas of the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean coast, which separate the two countries.

Greece and Cyprus also raised the issue of the opening of Valosha in the northern part of the Turkish occupation.

Ankara is also Republic of Cyprus Utilizing or exploring the wealth of hydrocarbons within the exclusive economic zone.

President Nikos Anastasiades is in Brussels to attend the European Council on June 23-24.

The agenda of the European Council includes conferences on Ukraine, economic issues and the future of Europe.

As a bystander, President Anastasiades will meet with European leaders to discuss common concerns and inform them of the latest developments in the Cyprus issue and the threat posed by Turkey.


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