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EU lends 1 billion euros to Ukraine

Brussels: The European Commission has announced a new € 1 billion (US $ 1.04 billion) long-term loan to Ukraine on Friday as the first part of the financial support package of up to € 9 billion (US $ 9.3 billion). Proposed.

Under the proposal, the funds will be available to Ukraine in the form of long-term loans on favorable terms, it said in a press release.

He said the loan would support Ukraine’s macroeconomic stability and overall resilience in the context of Russia’s military aggression and subsequent economic challenges.

As soon as the European Parliament and the EU Ministerial Council approve today’s proposal and a memorandum of understanding and a loan agreement with the Ukrainian authorities are signed, the European Commission will promptly provide Ukraine with an amount of € 1 billion.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/eu-to-give-1-bn-euro-loan-to-ukraine/ EU lends 1 billion euros to Ukraine

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