EU Member States Warn of Potentially Fatal Energy Disruption Bloomberg

Finnish power company says rolling blackouts are necessary to avoid major disasters

According to Bloomberg, the country’s power grid operator has warned that if Finland cancels its planned rolling blackouts for the winter, it could lead to large-scale nationwide disruption.

Arto Pahkin, Fingrid’s network operations manager, said that if the outage didn’t progress, it would mean an uncontrolled outage that “could kill people.”

Utilities have repeatedly warned of possible rolling blackouts in the upcoming winter, citing “great uncertainties related to power availability.” The warning came after Russia cut power to Finland in May after it failed to pay for the electricity it supplied to Finland in May.

Russia’s energy accounts for only a fraction of the Nordic countries’ total supply, but delivery losses could have a major impact, forcing Finns to choose between several bad options. increase.

Finland’s winter temperatures often drop below minus 20 degrees Celsius, but in the darkest months of the year the city receives less than 6 hours of light per day. This makes Finland particularly vulnerable to EU energy shortages, where a loss of power could expose residents to life-threatening conditions within hours.

At the same time, Finland is reported to be far better prepared for blackouts than other EU member states. The country has not suffered a grid failure since her 1974, but the public has always been encouraged to plan for such risks. Unlike neighboring Sweden and Norway, the country has few domestic power resources and must import nearly all of its fossil fuel energy.

Some relief is expected in the coming months when Europe’s largest reactor at the Nordic country’s Olkiluoto power plant finally enters normal use after a delay of almost 14 years.

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( EU Member States Warn of Potentially Fatal Energy Disruption Bloomberg

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