EU Minimum Wage Directive: “You can’t build a one-size-fits-all system” – Anti-Poverty Forum

The Anti Poverty Forum Malta believes that Malta needs to focus on the term ‘adequate’ when implementing an adequate EU minimum wage directive. What is good enough for a single person is not good enough for someone with children.

In this regard, APF Malta has suggested that while mechanisms are in place to basically obtain adequate minimum wages, the government needs to add top-up/wages according to different family structures. increase.

Below are some points that the forum thinks need to be considered.

  1. This Directive focuses only on those in employment. Anti-Poverty Forum Malta believes that sectors of society that are unemployed and struggling to make a living, such as pensioners, also need to be taken into account. Malta needs to start working on a decent minimum wage, not a decent minimum wage.

The mechanisms Malta employs to establish an appropriate minimum income will need to address all the different scenarios and realities.

  1. Malta should strive to increase the purchasing power of the public. There is no point in raising the minimum wage if prices continue to rise. Governments need to monitor closely and intervene if markets fail in key sectors.

Some might argue that if the minimum wage rises, other salaries on a higher scale should rise in the same proportion. This proportion is inversely proportional to the purchasing power of ordinary people. In this regard, this proportionality within jobs needs to be corrected if minimum wage increases are to be sustained.

  1. Direct assistance and schemes should be used to adequately assist those with minimal income. Such schemes should address essentials such as groceries and all necessary medicines.
  1. Governments should implement reference budgets and conduct annual household surveys to update statistics, taking into account inflation volatility. EU Minimum Wage Directive: “You can’t build a one-size-fits-all system” – Anti-Poverty Forum

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