EU reallocates € 3.5 billion of regional funds to accept Ukrainian refugees

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European Union officials said Wednesday a new € 3.5 billion from a regional development fund available to accept Ukrainian refugees after about 6.2 million people fled to the block since Russia invaded its neighbors on February 24. Earned ($ 3.7 billion).

Russia intensified its attacks on all sides the day after a missile strike at a shopping mall killed at least 18 people in central Ukraine on Wednesday.

“EU member states have welcomed millions of Ukrainians fleeing the war, but they must also deal with their economic implications: additional costs and supply chain difficulties,” the European Commission said. Valdis Donbroski, Vice Chairman of the European Union, said.

Funds will be paid to EU countries, local governments and civil society groups as pre-financing this year and next year. This includes increasing the host’s weekly allowance from the current € 40 to € 100.

The block had € 63.4 billion in such a unity fund spent in 2014-20 to help poor countries from Portugal, Greece and Malta to Hungary, Poland and Lithuania catch up with their wealthy companions. rice field. An additional € 392 billion will be paid by 2027.

Elisa Ferreira, CEO of Block, responsible for the Cohesion Fund, said this was the second 3.5 billion reassigned to provide more resources quickly when EU countries face urgent costs. Said it was a tranche of the euro. [Reuters] EU reallocates € 3.5 billion of regional funds to accept Ukrainian refugees

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