EU researchers invited to “Innovation with Monaco”

Taking its sustainability goals to another level, the Principality invites European researchers to pitch their ideas to the EU at the Innovate with Monaco session, which focuses on projects in technology and artificial intelligence.

EU researchers are invited to partner with Monaco for their next innovative professional proposal. New programs and projects for the European Union can be announced through the “Innovate with Monaco” meeting.

A recent agreement between Monaco and the European Commission allows Monegasque companies to participate in a joint call for research and development proposals launched by the EU.

A series of presentations will take place throughout the event. Prince Albert of the Monaco Foundation will speak about protecting and advancing the health of the planet for current and future generations, and will discuss energy optimization solutions for buildings by Pascal Torres. CEO of Enoleo SAM.

In addition, Frederic Dalmasie, CEO of Agricorp, part of the Monaco Resources Group, spoke about the agricultural industry as a driver of sustainable development, and Sam Ramadori, CEO of Brainbox AI, discussed how AI is being used. Explain to your audience how Also, IES Associate Director Valeria Ferrando will speak on how her digital twin technology is being used as a tool to create a city-scale decarbonization roadmap.

photo courtesy Victor He on Unsplash EU researchers invited to “Innovation with Monaco”

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