EU: Turkish Cypriots must curb the influx of immigrants

High-ranking European Union officials said the republic was responsible for stopping the arrival of migrants as the number of asylum seekers surged.

Vice-Chairman Margaritis Schinas of the European Commission said Turkish Cypriot authorities should also make a fair share in addressing this issue.

After visiting the upgraded facility at the Purnara Immigration Reception Camp on the outskirts of Nicosia, Mr. Sinas said, “We will not let the Turkish Cypriot community consider what is happening to be neutral.”

“They also have to take on their share of responsibility, and we will find a way to remind them.”

The government is the overwhelming majority Arrival of immigrants It occurs via Turkey and the northern part of the Turkish occupation through a loosely regulated student visa system.

Thousands then seek asylum in the Republic beyond the porous UN-controlled buffer zone.

Sinas said over the weekend that EU Commission Elisa Ferreira will contact Cyprus in July to find the best way to handle the problem.

He also said he was willing to help Turkey reduce the number of migrants arriving in Cyprus.

“Cyprus bears an unbearable burden of immigrant control in terms of the size and strength of the country.”

Brussels will also help Cyprus authorities increase buffer zone surveillance and surveillance to prevent EU law-compliant intersections, as the 180-kilometer-long stop line is not a formal border, Sinas said. Stated.

Interior Minister Nikos Nuris said the number of asylum seekers doubled to 10,000 in the first five months of the year compared to the same period in 2021, which is 5 of Cyprus’s 915,000 strong population. Repeatedly constitutes the EU’s highest percentage.

He said that Cyprus authorities have worked with the EU to facilitate the return of asylum seekers whose claims have been denied and to raise € 72 million from 27 member state blocks to build a new immigration reception center. He said he was.

Nouris said there are currently 1,800 migrants in the Pournara camp, from a record of 3,330 in March.

Chronic water shortage of Purnara, poor food, Crowded facilityAnd the treatment of unaccompanied children.

Nicosia is boosting its bottom line, with approximately 3,000 returned in the last five months.


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