EU wants to implement centralized decision making

The European Union aims to implement centralized decision making at Brock, Fides MEPLás zló Trócsányi Said On Monday in connection with a new report on EU reform proposals.

“This is unacceptable to Hungary,” Trócsányi told public current affairs channel M1 to discuss the report of a year-long conference on the future of the EU.

Regarding the proposal to abolish the veto of member states, Trócsányi said the EU was always based on compromise. If the veto is abolished and decisions are made on the basis of a majority vote, he said, some member states can see Block enact decisions against national interests.

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Trócsányi said the EU is made up of “27 member states and 27 national identities”. The EU has a set of common values, including principles such as freedom of speech and judiciary independence, but “again, it is based on national identity,” he added.

He said the EU has been forced to deal with many “shock” over the last decade, including Brexit, illegal immigrants, and coronavirus pandemics. He said it was “not surprising” that people’s confidence in the EU was shaken as Brock was unable to respond appropriately to the immigration crisis and respond effectively to the pandemic. Said.

Trócsányi said it was doubtful whether the series of conferences on the future of the EU was successful, and claimed that the number of participants was about the same as the population of four medium-sized towns.

Featured Photo by Zoltán Barogh / MTI

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