EUCO Michel, Greek and Balkan leader, opens FSRU liquefied gas terminal in Alexandroupoli

Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitztakis, Bulgaria, Kirill Petkov, North Macedonian counterpart Dimital Kobachevsky, European Council Chair Charles Michel, and Serbian President Alexander Vucci launch new floating liquefied natural gas on Tuesday Let (LNG / FSRU) Terminal in Alexandropolis, northern Greece.

Alexandroupoli’s LNG terminal will be a “new energy gateway” that will help Europe and the Balkans reduce their dependence on Russia’s supply, Mitsutakis said.

The Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) is a “beacon that sends double messages. Once this is complete, it will be possible to quickly remove gas from Russian gas sources, common to all countries in the new energy map. Will take on the role of, “PM added.

“I think Moscow’s recent blackmail on natural gas is not only a need for cooperation, but also urgent. Greece is a pioneer, already considering its own energy sufficiency, and of course Bulgaria. We are ready to support such neighboring countries, “he emphasized.

The new terminal, scheduled for launch in December 2023, will strengthen Greece’s energy security and strengthen its strategic role in the region, while at the same time not passing through Turkey and reducing Russia’s dependence on gas as an alternative natural gas. It is expected to provide a gas supply route.

It is also expected to promote close cooperation in the Balkan region in the energy sector.


Located 17.6 km southwest of Alexandroupoli and 10 km from the nearest coast, FSRU can supply up to 5.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.

according to, FSRU is over 153,500 square meters. LNG will be connected to Greece’s national natural gas transport system with a 28 km long pipeline, and gasified LNG will be promoted to markets in wider regions from Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania, Serbia and the north. increase. To Makedova, Moldova and Ukraine.

With a total investment of € 410 million in the new terminal, it is fully funded not only from European and domestic resources, but also through the participation of individual shareholders.


EU President Michelle Welcome the project, “European milestones energy development. “He has FSRU “We are very positive about joint political projects because they help diversify our natural gas sources and strengthen our energy infrastructure. Therefore, we can reduce Russia’s dependence on gas and become stronger and more self-reliant.”

“The geopolitical initiative reflects what we need to do to supply natural gas to Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia,” Michelle emphasized.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and “the pressure Russia exerts on Bulgaria by cutting off its natural gas supply can only be dealt with in common because we are an independent country and are pursuing policies in line with international law. I can’t. “

President of Serbia Vucci “We are grateful to have a large amount of natural gas,” he said. To do so, we need to strengthen projects such as the Greek-Bulgaria Gas Interconnector (IGB), which will be in large quantities once these projects are completed. You can receive it. “

Prime Minister of North Macedonia Kobachevsky He pointed out that it is a “strategic goal” to phase out the reliance on lignite for power generation and replace it with natural gas. “The interconnection between North Macedonia and the energy infrastructure of Central and Southeastern European countries is very important,” he added.

This project is fully supported by the US Ambassadors to the United States and Greece. Jeffrey Piat I told the state news agency Amna Alexandroupoli FSRU Is a project “Important for the security of all countries in Southeastern Europe”.

Recall that the idea of ​​setting up an FSRU terminal in Alexandroupoli began in August 2016 with an agreement signed by then-Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boykovolisov.

According to every day Casimerini, Tsipras and Borisov have signed a series of bilateral agreements. Most importantly, it concerns the construction of the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) gas pipeline and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near Alexandroupoli. EUCO Michel, Greek and Balkan leader, opens FSRU liquefied gas terminal in Alexandroupoli

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