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EuroLeague tells UEFA to cut additional Champions League matches, special spots

Zurich — The Union of European Football Associations instructed UEFA on Friday to add more Champions League matches and reduce plans aimed at allowing teams to qualify based on past performance in the tournament. ..

“A 50% or more increase in games hurt the majority of clubs and yields very little profit,” said Klaus Thomsen, president of the European League, after the meeting in Istanbul. “We need to reduce the number of rounds.”

The European Football Division will begin a year after UEFA has united with the league to prevent elite clubs from leaving the Super League, benefiting from the planned changes to the Champions League from 2024.

The tournament will be expanded from 32 teams to 36 teams, with two slots reserved for teams with strong five-season European records who cannot qualify based on national league positions.

The European League Group has met to formalize opposition to the location of the largest club’s safety net, and all Champions League spots need to be based on qualifications secured from national results from the previous season, UEFA said. I told you.

The UEFA was expected from 2024 based on a single ranking format, as it is required to roll back the expansion of the group stage prior to the major meeting in Vienna next month10. It only grows from 6 to 8 games per team, not games.

The two team locations proposed based on UEFA’coefficients’ points are worth tens of millions of dollars in prize money, rewarding bad-season elite teams, and broadcasters make the biggest team in the Champions League. Allows it to continue to be displayed. Instead of jumping over lower and higher rivals to the Champions League, these teams must finish in the Europa League qualifiers or win the national cup.

However, the Europa League group wants a place of historic performance that has been completely removed from the format to ensure that all spots are earned by the sporting benefits of the previous season. Duty free is the place to be set aside if the actual Champions League winner fails to qualify for the league, as it is today.

“Overall the problems of the European Super League, it is a sporting advantage that European football gathers and takes us from one level to the next, and the tournament must not be closed, and in it. I agreed to certain things, such as not being able to move. Direction, “Thomsen said. “I can argue that it’s only two places and it’s not a leap now, but you’re off the basics and I believe the UEFA will eventually move in that direction.”

Thomsen, Chief Executive Officer of the Danish League, will attend the UEFA Club Convention Committee on May 10. The Commission formally proposes approval by the Executive Committee of the European Governance Authority, which will be held in Vienna later that day. Austria. -agency

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