EuroMillions winner’s daughter hits with a one-year ban due to careless driving

EuroMillions winner Dolores McNamara, the 38-year-old daughter, was banned for a year on Tuesday due to careless driving.

In the Ennis District Court, Judge Alec Gabbett said Major Louis Moloney was observed last July 20 when Ms. McNamara was driving across the road and colliding with a temporary fence. After telling the court, he imposed a one-year ban on Kevannes McNamara.

Sgt Moloney said another driver of the R494 Rd to Ballina “had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.”

No injuries

Sgt Moloney said Kevanne McNamara did not suffer any injuries from driving the 2011-registered red Mercedes-Benz that day.

Ms McNamara of Ard Coillte in Ballina, County Tipperary has shown plea for dangerous driving, but Sgt Moloney needs a high threshold for dangerous driving charges, and in fact reviews, careless driving. He said the plea was acceptable. Garda.

As a result, Ms. McNamara escaped a two-year ban on autonomous driving due to dangerous driving, and Judge Gabbett instead imposed a one-year ban on inadvertent driving.

Daragh Hassett, a lawyer at Kevanne McNamara, said his client was “a little reckless”, “a little himself”, suffering from her mental health at the time of the driving breach, but now back at her feet. Said that.

Mr. Hasset said McNamara recently qualified as a beautician after passing her exam.

Father’s death

A careless driving incident occurred three months after McNamara’s father, Adrian, died last April.

“I had a hard time for a couple of years,” Hasett said.

He states: “Kevanne’s father died last year. He was a good friend of Kevannes.”

Mr. Hasset said Ms. McNamara was ready to take the drug with a one-year ban, but called for a six-month postponement of the ban.

In total, Ms. McNamara was charged with four driving-related crimes, including two dangerous driving from the same day last July.

However, Mr. Hasset is pleased that the guilty plea for a single accusation from Mr. Kevanne’s driving was sufficient to respond to the case and that the state had not proceeded with the other three accusations. Said.

The family connection of Kevanne McNamara with Dolores, who won the then record-breaking € 115 millions jackpot in August 2005, was not mentioned in court.

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One of the other accusations that the state did not proceed was McNamara’s accusation in July, when she drove her car under the influence of poisons that could cause her to lose control of her car properly on Ballina’s main street. 20th, 2021.

Sgt Moloney said Ms McNamara had previously been convicted of five driving-related convictions.

As part of his order, Judge Gabbett also fined € 500. McNamara spoke in court just saying “thank you” after Judge Gabbett ruled before he left.

In a courtroom last October, Ms. McNamara was convicted of drugs on October 23, 2020, for possessing 50 euros worth of cocaine at home after agreeing to pay 150 euros for the court’s donation box. Escaped. EuroMillions winner’s daughter hits with a one-year ban due to careless driving

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