Europe signs energy deal with Azerbaijan as it seeks to reduce its dependence on Russia

President Ursula von der Leyen signed a memorandum of understanding on energy as the European Commission turned to the southern gas corridor to ensure a constant gas supply to Europe. pArtistry With Azerbaijan.

The signed contract means that Azerbaijan will double its capacity to Europe through the Southern Gas Corridor, which supplies 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

The deal aims to phase out Europe’s dependence on Russia’s gas for energy supply. The agreement also states that both parties will raise their renewable energy targets in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Both parties also recognize the importance of the global methane pledge by eliminating risks that could harm the environment and climate.

At the beginning of May, European Parliament Chair Robert Tamezora said Europe should not move from an unreliable partner to another. This was said shortly after the war began, after Europe embargoed Russia’s gas.

Transactions between Europe and Azerbaijan are even more controversial at the local level after the disgraceful Energy Minister Conrad Mitzi has signed an agreement with Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil company Sokar to operate the Delimara power plant.

The controversy began when one of the shareholders involved in the project, Jogen Fennec, was charged with ordering the assassination of Daphnekahlua Anagaritia.

Karana Galicia, At the time of her murder, I was trying to uncover confidential documents hidden from the public that are part of electrogas handle..

The agreement signed between the Government of Malta and the Government of Azerbaijan means that Malta is continuously losing millions. government There was a five-year agreement on a fixed price for gas.This means when gas prices plummeted before――――Pandemic, Malta was still paying almost double the price globally.

Recent pandemics and wars In Ukraine Seeing gas prices rising tremendously, this takes another view of the deal between Malta and Azerbaijan.

previous Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said he used social media to follow in Malta’s footsteps as Europe sought energy.

Muscat portrayed similarities between former Prime Minister Don Mintov, who sought a relationship with China, and himself, who sought a relationship with Azerbaijan.

Labor Deputy Leader Daniel Mikarev also used social media to ask if the local oracle (PN) would condemn the European Union’s direction as it did with the government in 2018. Europe signs energy deal with Azerbaijan as it seeks to reduce its dependence on Russia

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