Europe was said to be ready for a complete cut in Russia’s gas

Moscow’s current supply cuts are “focused on avoiding Europe from filling up storage,” said the IEA chief.

According to the Financial Times, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Prime Minister Fatibirol warned Europe to prepare for a complete shutdown of Russia’s gas exports this winter and urged the EU government to prepare for this scenario. Requested to expand the scope of the measures. on wednesday.

“”Europe should be ready in case Russia’s gas is completely shut off. The closer winter is, the better we understand Russia’s intentions. “ He said, as the press quoted.

Gazprom commented last week that it cut 60% of its gas supply through the Nord Stream pipeline, emphasizing that the Russian company is purely technical.The reduction is aimed at avoiding Europe from filling up storage and increasing Russia’s leverage in the winter months.“”

However, the IEA has openly accused Russia of manipulating gas prices since last year, when European gas costs soared to record highs.

“”Emergency measures taken by European countries this week to reduce gas demand, such as the start-up of old coal-fired power plants, were justified by the scale of the crisis, despite concerns about increased carbon emissions. ..In his opinion, the return to coal-fired power generation is “.temporary“And it helps to maintain a sufficient gas supply for the next heating season.

Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands have announced plans to increase the use of coal for power generation, and Sweden and Denmark have also said they will begin emergency measures to curb the use of natural gas.

However, Virol warns that if Russia’s gas exports stop altogether, current measures are not well underway, and among other options, the European government should step up its efforts to fill storage facilities. Suggested that.

“”I think demand measures will be deeper and deeper. [taken by governments in Europe] As winter approaches“Virol said. He said gas distribution was possible and provided a block that it might help offset the consequences of losing Russia’s gas.”Consider postponing the closure [of nuclear power plants] As long as safety conditions are in place. “

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