European Fund Minister: Bulgaria to receive R$3.7 billion in coming months from recovery plan –

Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds Management Atanas Pekanov

We have to do better and only then can this vital resource recovery resilience planning. In the coming months he will bring in more than 3.7 billion BGN in revenue. Try to unlock these. funds”.This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister for the Administration of Europe fundsAtanas Pekhanov.

Our goal is to start the process. Bulgaria If you can succeed with 100% of the commitments made and need to report to Brussels‘, he added.

about recovery plan1.3 billion leva is expected to arrive by the end of the year as the first payment.

I think we need transparency so people can know what’s going on in this regard” added Pekhanov.

Completed 21 out of 22 measures“, He said. “The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ modernization project is also moving forward, and so far its contractor is In the next few days we will also EU institution‘ also said.

Pekanov For the second payment based on recovery sustainability plan, 66 measures need to be taken, of which 22 legislative changes, some of which can be adopted within a single law. “Of these 22 bills, one Jobs Act was passed and Trade Act changes were passed on the first reading, but the process will begin again when Congress is formed. We promised that anti-corruption legislation would be adopted by his second payment. recovery planthe law on foreigners will also be adopted” Pekhanov commented.

Of great importance is the deputy prime minister for the administration of Europe funds He pointed out that the adoption of the personal bankruptcy law, the public procurement law, and the e-government law are almost ready.Athanas Pekanov There are six laws in the energy sector that need to be discussed, he added that talks have already taken place with the energy minister and deputy minister and there are working groups already active.

By December Pekanov Noting that environmental transitions and methods should be adopted and continued, recovery sustainability plan is already open. “This is for the modernization of technology and companies now have the opportunity to apply for these funds. The procedure is 260 million regalia and the application deadline is September 21. ”Pekhanov said.

We will also strive to move that process forward. BulgariaFuture entry into the Eurozone. The world is in such a turbulent situation right now that we can’t afford to wait and sit on the sidelines.There’s no time to lose Don’t think if you want it or not Don’t be late again‘ emphasized the deputy prime minister, adding that the country has seven working groups working on joining the euro zone.

Deputy Prime Minister recovery sustainability plan, an investment project is about to start. If all planned projects come to fruition, the market will see investments worth Lebanese 3.7 billion.

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