European natural gas increased by about

Nature gas of Europe According to ICE exchange data, it rose 6.68 percent compared to yesterday’s price at 13:30 pm Bulgarian time. Currently, July futures on the Dutch TTF hub are trading at € 125.60 per megawatt hour, or about $ 1310 per 1,000 cubic meters.

The exchange on Friday closed at a price of € 117.74 per megawatt hour. At 9am Bulgaria time this morning, trading starts at € 124 per megawatt hour.

and “gas At 13:30 pm, the “Daytime” segment “Hab Balkan” is selling blue fuel on today’s delivery date at a price 14.96 higher than yesterday (218.43 revs per megawatt hour). Yesterday, BGN It was 190.47 per megawatt hour, a 0.43 percent decrease from the June 18 price.

The gas The exchange of the “previous day” segment ended yesterday BGN 193.68 per megawatt hour, or 1.89 percent lower natural gas On today’s delivery date.

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