European Parliament building launched after a grand delay

Colorful new European Parliament building and 16-storey tower in Luxembourg

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It will take another two years for all 3,000 employees of the European Parliament in Luxembourg to work in one office. The building has been plagued by delays since it was conceived in the late 2000s.

Grand Duke Henri will open a 240,000-square-meter building on Tuesday, but already about 2,300 workers have moved in March last year, and the remaining 700 colleagues will not join them by 2024. work.

The office is Initially, it will be ready by 2017 after Congress first called for a bid in 2011... However, two bids from contractors were reportedly over budget, and work was done in a building away from John F. Kennedy Street in Kirchberg’s European district. Stopped in 2012..

After reviewing the plan, the foundation was laid in 2013 with the aim of completing the expansion of Konrad Adenauer Building by 2018. By then, the timeline had been delayed by 2022. After that, it was delayed for another year.

The European Parliament has emailed the building, which includes a 16-story tower, and is expected to be available for staff from 2024 by the end of 2023. All Luxembourg workers will be based in the same building rather than scattered in multiple locations. The liaison offices of Parliament and the European Commission (each in each of the 27 EU countries) will also be based in the new building.

Aerial view of a building surrounded by other EU institutions in Kirchberg

Aerial view of a building surrounded by other EU institutions in Kirchberg

European Parliament

The European Court of Auditors, which acts as Brock’s financial oversight, warned three years ago that delays could mean higher taxpayer costs. The budget has increased from the initial forecast of 317.5 million euros to 432.8 million euros, the auditor said at the time, and the final price is unknown due to rising construction costs and parliamentary rent for other buildings. He added that there is.

According to a spokesman, the latest estimated construction cost is € 414.2 million.

“By putting all the European Parliaments in Luxembourg under one roof, we can save a lot of energy, water, security and equipment management,” the European Parliament said in a press release prior to the official launch of the building on Tuesday. Said.

The European Parliament is one of the Luxembourg-based institutions. Difficulty in recruiting and maintaining staff In the Grand Duchy. Workers are offered the same work and salary in Brussels, where living costs are significantly lower, mainly due to cheaper housing.

The agency has been appealing to the Commission for years to raise salaries for people working in Luxembourg, Committee report issuance in April said raising wages is not always the solution, as many people already live in neighboring countries where housing costs are low.

Years ago, when home prices were equal to or lower than those in the Belgian capital, some staff bought real estate in Luxembourg and made significant profits, the report said.

From 15:00 to 19:00 on Tuesday, May 10th, the general public will be able to visit the new building and the exhibition entitled “European Parliament and Luxembourg”.

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