European Union leaders set to grant Ukrainian candidate status

European Union leaders on Thursday will make Ukraine a candidate to join the block in 27 countries. This is the first step in a long and unpredictable journey towards full membership, which can take years to navigate.

Making Ukraine a competitor is about how quickly it accepts the request submitted by the Ukrainian government to become an EU member of a war-torn country just days after Russia invaded its neighbors in February. It seems that the deal was completed after the national leader first split. .. twenty four.

Ukraine will receive unanimous approval necessary to initiate candidate status and eligibility negotiations, according to several diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity prior to the summit in Brussels.

“This is a decisive moment for the European Union,” said Charles Michel, President of the European Council, chair of the EU Summit, explaining “the geopolitical choices we make today” on the issue of Ukraine’s candidacy. Did.

European Parliamentarians approve the Ukrainian bid hours before the summit begins and pass a resolution calling on EU heads of state and government to “act without delay” and “fulfill their historical responsibilities.” Voted for.

Twenty-seven EU countries have united to support Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s aggression and have adopted unprecedented economic sanctions against Moscow. However, leaders were initially divided on how quickly the EU should act to accept Ukraine as a member, with the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark being the most skeptical.

However, Ukraine’s application was boosted last week when the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, gave a sign of approval based on the country’s response to the questionnaire received in April and early May.

Ukraine received another shot in its arms when French, German, Italian and Romanian leaders visited Ukraine and vowed to support their candidacy.

Another indicator of how important EU candidacy is for Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky said he spoke with 11 EU leaders on Wednesday following a call with nine people the day before. He said the meeting in Brussels would be a “historical meeting of the European Council”.

However, the status of EU candidates does not give you automatic rights to participate in the block and does not provide any security guarantees.

Membership talks are unlikely to begin by next year, and uncertainty is increasing as the outlook for the war continues for a very long time.

The beginning of the discussion on accession depends on whether Ukraine meets the essential political and economic conditions.

To be recognized, potential newcomers need to demonstrate that they meet the standards of democratic principles and absorb the huge corpus of rules. To assist countries with candidate country status, Brock can provide technical and financial support throughout the negotiations, but can also decide to revoke the status if the necessary reforms are not implemented.

European officials say Ukraine already implements about 70% of EU regulations, norms and standards, but also points out the need for Ukraine’s corruption and serious political and economic reforms.

“It will take considerable effort, especially in the fight against corruption and the establishment of an effective rule of law,” said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew. “But I am convinced that it is exactly the reconstruction of Ukraine (after the war) that offers the opportunity to take an important step.”

Leaders will also discuss on Thursday the Commission’s recommendation to give Moldova, a small non-NATO country bordering Ukraine, the status of an EU candidate. The deadlocked process of moving the Western Balkans to the membership pass is also on the agenda of the summit.

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