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European Union opens embassy in Qatar-Doha News

The signing of the establishment agreement took place on the same day as the 26th EU-GCC Joint Cooperation Conference in Brussels.

The agreement to establish a new European Union (EU) embassy was signed in Brussels by the Secretary-General of the European External Action Service (EEAS), Stefano Sannino, and Sultan Binsardal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Catali (MOFA). Muraki.

The start of the EU mission was announced during a visit by Senior Representative Josep Borrell in Doha last September and will be launched this year.

This agreement is considered to be the “latest milestone” in the cooperation between the EU and Qatar. EEAS Press release.

The EU-Qatar partnership was highlighted through a cooperation agreement between EEAS and the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed in 2018. Since then, the relationship has made strong progress. Human rights dialogue also began in the same year (2018). In October 2021, Qatar became the first Gulf nation to sign a comprehensive aviation agreement with the EU.

Qatar’s diplomatic medium is seen as a way to help the EU expand bilateral relations with Doha, he added.

The cooperative nature of the EU and Qatar

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Qatar helped the EU people by “returning” those who were “stuck” and helped their evacuation in the anxiety of Kabul. The statement states that such cases are evidence of the cooperative nature of Qatar and the EU.

To secure a foothold in Qatar, the mission of the EU delegation entails the benefits of protecting and strengthening European member states in the region.

After the announcement of potential EU delegations was announced last September, the efforts of EU countries and Qatar have played an official role. Their collaborative efforts were particularly emphasized during the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, discussing the potential of Qatar. one side Gas supply.

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EU envoys, interim Afghan government officials and GCC representatives recently met in Doha to discuss urgent humanitarian aid. Afghanistan As important as respecting women’s rights in Afghanistan.

EU delegation

With Qatar’s addition to the list of hosts for the EU delegation, the number of EU offices worldwide will reach 145 and the EU diplomatic presence will reach 136 countries.

According to the statement, the EU mission to Qatar will be the official diplomatic delegation responsible for the EU’s political and economic relations with Qatar.

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