European vaults are almost 87% full with natural gas

Europe’s underground gas reserves are now close to 87%.

Gas compression at European facilities shows a positive trend in almost all countries. Recently, only Poland and Denmark have had their storage facilities emptied to a minimum, at 0.22 and 0.13 percent respectively. This is shown by data from the European Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

As of September 21, European gas storage is 86.67% full.

The most filled gas storage facilities in Europe are in Portugal (100%), Poland (98.10%), Denmark (94.85%), Sweden (90.81%) and Germany (90.53%), according to GIE data.

The least filled gas storage facilities are in Latvia (52.24%), Hungary (70.77%), Bulgaria (71.64%) and Austria (75.68%).

A little over a month ago, market measures were taken to facilitate the storage of natural gas, following Bulgartransgaz’s proposal and the decision of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. Points from/to gas storage for gas year 2022/2023, starting October 1st of this year.


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