Europe’s biggest habits, from smoking to coffee

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What habits do Europeans find most difficult to quit? Lifelong habits that require an iron will to give up, experts say ICE head shop Online analysis tools used SEMrush Analyze the most common custom phrases to find out which Europeans were most likely to conquer.

moreover, Helen NorburyLifecoach and well-being experts provide expertise on how to kick your bad habits to the curb.

Found in 28 of the 40 European countries analyzed smoking A total of 850,440 online searches are performed each year by Europeans looking for tips to break their nicotine habit. The United Kingdom (166,440), Turkey (124,560) and Spain (122,040) are among the top searchers.

Romania’s most difficult habit is smoking, with fewer searches compared to other European hardliners (8,640).

alcohol It’s the second most difficult habit to break, and while it’s among the top results in many European countries, it’s the hardest habit to break in just seven countries. Total online searches for abstinence exceed 312,000 annually. Bulgaria (2,040), Italy (32,760) and Lithuania (3,120) rank him first among those who find it most difficult to give up alcohol.

The third hardest habit to break in Europe is sugarBelgium (6,000) and Luxembourg (1,560) are among the four countries finding it most difficult to curb their sugar cravings. The average total number of searches per year is 98,520.

coffee is the fourth most difficult habit for Europeans to quit. There are just over 35,000 combined annual searches on how to stop drinking addictive hot beverages. Serbia (1,560) was the only country that found kicking coffee to the curb the hardest. Europe’s biggest habits, from smoking to coffee

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