Europol experts present reports on more than 20 items seized during police raids on Maksar.

Europol’s digital forensics experts have submitted reports on more than 20 devices to the court along with the devices themselves. All of these devices are Jamie Vella and George Degiorgio, and the ta’Maksar brothers Robert and Adrian Agius.

Editing of evidence for men continued this afternoon, presided over by Justice of the Peace Caroline Falgia Friend.

Robert Agius and Jamie Bella have been charged with supplying the bomb that killed Daphne Caruana Galicia in October 2017. Adrian Agius has also been charged with entrusting the murder of lawyer Carmel Chilkop in 2015.

Vella and George Degiorgio have been charged with assassinating Chirkop in the garage complex in Birkirkara. George De Giorgio is currently undergoing a separate procedure from his younger brother Alfred for being involved in the Carlouana Galicia murder.

At the beginning of the seat, a police sergeant was assigned to stand on the stand and collect data from the Barria’s residence, the Mercedes car, another Merryha residence, and another vehicle, a device found during the search in the seat. I notified the court that last year.

The sergeant was also tasked with delivering the items to Europol’s office in The Hague for data extraction. He exhibited his own reports and supplementary documents. Witnesses also physically deposited the electronic devices he examined (more than 20) in court.

Europole expert Giuseppe Totaro also stood on the stand today. Totaro, a senior specialist on Europol’s digital forensics team, has been appointed to perform forensic inspection and data extraction from the device.

Totaro also testified in 2020 while editing evidence against Jogen Fennec, who was separately charged with the 2017 killings of journalist Daphne Kahlua Anagaritia.

Fifteen small sealed plastic bags containing electronic devices were placed on the court table. At the request of prosecutor George Camilleri, expert witnesses examined the items one by one and confirmed the contents to the court. This was formally recorded by the court.

Robert Agius and George Degiorgio were seen chatting and laughing at the dock while the tedious documentation process was running.

Totaro exhibited a five-terabyte hard drive and provided the court with the same copy that the prosecution proposed to duplicate and give to the parties.

No further witnesses were summoned because they were sitting. The court sent the act of the case back to AG and set the next postponement in June.

Lawyers Alfred Avella and Rene Dermanin are lawyers for the Agius brothers. Attorney William Kuschieri will appear in George De Giorgio. Ishmael Psaila is now available on Jamie Vella.

Attorney George Camilleri has filed a proceeding on behalf of the Attorney General, and Keith Arnaud, Sean Pawny and Wayne Camilli have been charged. Europol experts present reports on more than 20 items seized during police raids on Maksar.

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