Evolution from platform operator to facilitator

Danggeun Market co-founder and co-CEO Kim Jae-hyun poses for a recent interview with The Korea Times at its headquarters in Seocho-dong, south of Seoul.Korea Times Photo Choi Won-sook
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Kim Yoochul

From door-to-door salespeople and billboards to digital advertising, the way consumers buy products has changed dramatically over the last few decades.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry

One of the prominent trends seen in both the e-commerce and retail industries during the COVID-19 pandemic is the exponential growth of online consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platforms. As a marketing term, C2C e-commerce is considered a model where one consumer sells goods and services to other consumers online. This has become one of his four mainstream e-commerce business models today.
코 19 팬 19 데믹 데믹 거래 거래 와 소매 소매 였던 였던 트렌 온 온 라 라 라 라 (C2C) 플랫폼 의 눈띄 눈띄 용 용 인 거래온 거래온 거래온 가 가 가 여겨진다 른 여겨진다 여겨진다 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다 여겨진 여겨진다. It’s a C2C business.

Despite the pandemic, business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces are showing healthy financial performance, with Amazon and other leading B2C platform operators enjoying revenue and profit growth. A lesser-known development, however, is the remarkable rise of the C2C market, largely due to a surge in trading volumes, including second-hand goods.
팬 데믹 데믹 팬 데믹 업 업 과불 과불 과불 과불 고 아 장 시 장 이 이 이 이 익 익 익 익 익 즐 즐 러 중 중 중 중 러 러 러

“I am a true believer in the power of face-to-face interaction. Location-based face-to-face communities provide an opportunity for people to share their preferred habits, learn new things, and meet and connect with others with similar goals. Danggeun Market aims to evolve from a second-hand goods platform to a trusted facilitator that connects people according to location and community,” said co-founder and co-CEO Kim Jae-hyun. said in a recent interview at the company’s headquarters in Seocho. Dong in the south of Seoul.
김재현당근마켓공동설립자공동겸설립자겸공동대표대표최근최근남쪽남쪽서초동에있는있는당근마켓본사에서진행에서에서 ” 취미를공유、새로운、새로운、새로운새로운배우고、같은、같은같은을가진다른사람사람을만나 I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

The facilitator’s primary responsibility is to structure the processes involved and create conditions that satisfy the stakeholders so that they can achieve their desired outcomes. Simply put, what the facilitator does is plan, guide and handle the various group events so that the group’s common purpose is well met with a high level of participation, he said. said.
조력 조력 적절 적절 적절 적절 만들 만들 절차 바 바 를 를 를 만족 만족 만족 만족 만족 김 김 표 김말 김말 가 가 고 고 고 고 고 고 고 고 고 하 지 지 지 적 적 을 을 을 을

By emphasizing that the direct community is the core factor behind the increased awareness of brand advocacy, executives said Danggeun Market will continue to invest in the business community to ensure that users can function properly on mobile platforms. It said it plans to expand its range.
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Unlike Coupang and Woowa Brothers, who are currently engaged in commerce and operate expedited delivery services, Danggeun Market will help consumers to deliver fresh local produce and live their daily lives such as cleaning, education, and real estate brokerage. to access the services it needs. Reduce it to 6 km and cut costs in the process.
상거래 상 거래 종 종 배송 비 비 비 는 하 하 하 및 및 한, 당근 달 달, 당근 소비 게 게 게 게 게 을 을 했 했다.

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