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The e-commerce and logistics industry is undergoing remarkable changes. In dealing with unprecedented challenges. And in our understanding of the role of the industry in the future of our planet. DELIVER’s latest report – E-Commerce and Logistics: An Evolving Journey Explore current and future industry trends discussed in 52 content sessions at the DELIVER 2022 eventWill be held in Amsterdam, June 8-9, and some of the most influential thought leaders in e-commerce and logistics will present and discuss ideas on subjects that define the future of the industry.

Detailed reports include data from a variety of trusted sources across the industry and valuable insights from a variety of influential voices in e-commerce, logistics and retail.

  • A global impetus for greater diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

  • The myriad ways that digitization and automation continue to revolutionize our business methodologies.

  • A thrilling new frontier of innovation driven by AI, VR and AR.When

  • The importance of viable sustainability, and its centrality in understanding solutions to climate crises.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our first DELIVER Insights report ahead of the DELIVER 2022 event in Amsterdam next month. This report is the industry’s number one in terms of diversity and inclusion, innovation and our role in environmental protection. A informative and engaging discussion of some of the key challenges and developments. This report is not only a fascinating and entertaining reading, but also with all the great content sessions on these subject areas scheduled for DELIVER 2022. We hope you agree that we can also serve as a starter for exciting conversations together. Please wait to see you.“Again,” said Stephane Tomczak, CEO and founder of DELIVER.

Founded in 2015, DELIVER is one of Europe’s leading communities of e-commerce and logistics. With a unique hosted buyer platform and an audience of C-suite executives, we provide the highest quality logistics and retail players with matchmaking opportunities.

Digitization, Automation, Innovation – Core

“Leadership in the ever-changing world of e-commerce requires innovative solutions that challenge traditional business models,” the report said in a pre-pandemic, pre-supply chain crisis white paper in 2019. increase.

Three years later, the industry’s ability to respond quickly and consistently to global changes in consumer needs and behaviors is being monitored even more closely. The new reality forces companies to adopt new strategies to keep their products moving. AI-driven data analysis and optimization, product-to-person automation, and AR (Augmented Reality) warehousing solutions are all traditional to ensure accurate forecasts of demand levels and satisfaction with agility. Delivery channels that have been integrated or replaced by the warehouse solution.

“Our industry has a history of non-stop improvement and optimization, driven by decades of being a’cost center’that needs pressure, optimization and reduction. “ Ian Jindal, Editor-in-Chief of DeliveryX and CEO of RetailX Research, says. “”When interviewing the top 50 grocery stores across Europe, their consensus was that the pace of innovation wouldn’t stop. “This is what we do,” said one, reflecting the truth that innovation is not a one-off effort, but a true cultural and non-stop activity in the best of business. I did.

The report also claims that the new technology “stays here and is quickly embraced by the expanding user base.”Over 20 million active users will leverage artificial intelligence to use augmented reality in 2022. The combination of increased data flowing to and from AR / VR devices and AI / ML (machine learning) creates a hotbed for both prediction and automation of facing workers. And backend system. “

Shopify says that “using data and technology to make smarter inventory management decisions is an immediate priority” for suppliers, and cloud-based supply chain management software guarantees companies the future. We recommend that you have an essential tool that you need to use to do this. Supply chain.

The report’s author further states that “this cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution-Industry 4.0-is pushing the business towards a technological frontier never before imagined.”

Robotics and drone technology have a significant impact on the functioning of the supply chain. “Self-configuring modular robots” and soft robotics that “move in a fluid way, adapt to the surroundings, and sense more effectively than traditional robots” will revolutionize the role of automation in delivery networks. ..“According to the DELIVER report.

The use of drone fleets, and new generations of underwater drones, are expected to move the government towards adaptation of existing regulations, “because the technology continues to insist on its usefulness on a large scale.” Pandemic has significantly accelerated the growth of drone-based delivery solutions: “Demand for contactless delivery due to the impact of COVID-19 will increase global drone package delivery forecasts from $ 680 million to $ 0.99 billion. We will raise $ 4.4 billion by 2025. “

The DELIVER report concludes that: “Technological changes that affect human life are creating a new kind of consumer with a sophisticated and uncompromising vision of agencies and the right to develop and express their identities. Advertising and public relations company Dentsu , The reality of alternatives, the new financial model of ownership, the “conscious separation” of economic growth from environmental impacts, and the fundamental rethinking of oneself as a changing majority against classification, all across generations. Claim to be
The change in the sea that carries irresistible momentum. ” “”What we see most deeply is the great decentralization, supported by virtual economies, cryptocurrencies, climate insecurity and a decentralized workforce. “ They explain. “”A shift to a network of choice, passion, collective ownership and mutual rewards. “

Sustainability urgency

The report also states that the e-commerce and logistics industry will not only reduce GHG emissions, but also support the circular economy, reduce the waste of resources and packaging materials, and infiltrate harmful, non-biodegradable substances into the environment. To prevent.

Consumer dissatisfaction is widespread not only with waste management practices, but also with the lack of preparedness to enable customers to extend the life of their purchases.8% of EU citizens believe that manufacturers should facilitate the repair of their products, especially digital devices … although sentimental value can rob bottles and parliamentary recycling facilities of items. For many items, the end of their useful life means landfill. “

In addition to addressing the existing threats facing the planet, the association Ecommerce Europe
A viable and innovative solution can have long-term financial implications.E-commerce growth should be seen as an opportunity to structurally transition to more sustainable retail and consumer practices, while at the same time leveraging the digitization of our society to transition to a more sustainable economy. is. “ Evolving Journey – Romanian Journal

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