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Exhausted Gazans attacked again

Gaza: Empty streets and tight curtains make Gaza feel like a ghost town. Tested by repeated wars, its inhabitants feel like they are living the same scene over and over again. The Palestinian territory was enjoying a summer unlike any in recent years, before the Zionist organization launched a “preemptive strike” against militants in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s beaches, long thought to be too polluted by wastewater to swim in, have been declared nearly usable, allowing Palestinian swimmers and surfers to rediscover the joys of the sea. I was. Everything came to a sudden halt on Friday when the Zionist group, citing threats from Islamic Jihad militants, again shelled the territory.

“We were living in peace, but suddenly the bombing started,” said 40-year-old Mohammed Hamami. “Enough! Enough!” he cried. “There is a war every month and every year.” Since 2007, there have been four conflicts between Zionist groups and armed groups in Gaza, he said. He one of the rare leisure spots in the poor and overcrowded area, the beach promenade, crowded within 24 hours of he Saturday, was deserted.

Street vendors stayed home and cafes were closed. Fifteen months after the last conflict between Zionist groups and armed groups in the region devastated countless Gaza, Hamami said he was “surprised” that Zionist groups had attacked again.

After two Zionist jets attacked Gaza in July, the military said the rocket and rifle attacks were coming from the Gaza Strip. But this time, the military said it was preparing for a week-long operation.The Jewish state has been blockading Gaza since 2007, when Hamas Islamists came to power in Gaza.

“Fear, Anxiety”

The Zionist organization’s military said its latest campaign targeted militant sites and fighter jets, and estimated that 15 fighters had been killed. Palestinian militants retaliated with rockets. The Hamas-run health ministry has reported 13 deaths in the Zionist organization’s fire, including a five-year-old girl, Alakadam. Her father took her to her funeral with a scar on her forehead and a pink bow in her hair, while more than 110 others were injured, the ministry said.

For the Gazans, the long night and second day of the Zionist organization’s strike has stirred familiar feelings of unwelcomeness. “This latest escalation brings back images of fear, anxiety and the feeling that we are all alone,” said her Dounia Ismail, a resident of Gaza City. She said the constant explosions and airstrikes kept her awake all night.

“It is customary for Palestinians in Gaza to have a survival bag with some important things such as photos, documents, money and medicines in case they have to flee their homes,” he said. Ismail said. “We hope this escalation does not escalate into a larger conflict and we hope that Egypt’s mediation will bring calm.”

In Jabalia, north of Gaza, Fouad Farajallah inspects the wreckage of his home hit by a Zionist attack on Friday. The living room was a mass of sheet metal and rubble, with a fan hanging from the ceiling. “I was sitting on the couch with my wife and kids and suddenly everything fell on us,” he said. Even when silence seems to return between shelling, something else fills the air: the buzzing of Zionist entity drones. – AFP

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