Exhibition industry launches association |

The Greek Exhibition and Industry Association (SOKEE), consisting of organizers and stand contractors at the venues they use, held its first general meeting last Friday.

SOKEE’s mission is to convey the importance of trade fairs and public exhibitions in the Greek economy, representing more than 1,050 companies, 4,400 employees and an industry with annual sales of € 225 million.

The key multiplier economic effect of this sector on the Greek economy is more than € 1 billion in many cooperating sectors such as tourism, catering, conferences, transportation and customs clearance, generating tax revenues for each.

According to the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), the average international visitor to a trade fair often stays in the country for tourism purposes beyond the duration of the event, for € 1,150 per visit. I’m spending. In cities with major exhibition centers, such events make up a quarter of a night’s stay.

“Our industry is a great complement to many important economic pillars such as tourism, catering and transportation, and plays an important role in the country’s diplomacy, mainly thanks to its contribution to the promotion of Greek products. We’re doing it, “said Theodore Vokos, SOKEE President of Posidonia. exhibition.

The exhibition industry is one of the most pandemic-affected and probably the worst-hit industries due to the 18-month ban. The long-term closure has created the need for aggregates that represent sector demand, become both market and national interlocutors, and create synergies for the economy as a whole.

“As an official representative of this sector, our mission is to provide accurate insights, data and informed opinions, and decisions that may affect the smooth operation of the dynamic sector of the exhibition. It helps to shape it, “says Vokos. Elected as president of a newly established organization.

SOKEE’s board of directors consists of Vice President Kyriakos Pozrikidis (TIF-HELEXPO SA), Secretary-General Evangelos Charalampous (Be Best), Accounting Evangelos Galatsopoulos (Expowork SA), Members Alexios Lagoudakis (Metropolitan Expo SA), and Athanassios Panago. It has been. Forum SA) and Sophocles Iosifidis (InterformSA). Exhibition industry launches association |

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