Expanding NATO Square to Russia as Putin Slum’s “Empire” Alliance

As NATO declares Moscow the greatest threat to the West and urges Vladimir Putin to overthrow the alliance’s “empire ambitions,” the United States vows to strengthen Europe’s defenses following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday. rice field.

At a meeting in Madrid, NATO leaders said Russia “is the most important and direct threat to the security of its allies and the peace and stability of the Euro-Atlantic region.”

This happened when NATO welcomed Sweden and Finland as invitees to the alliance and US President Joe Biden announced new deployments of US troops, ships and planes.

Biden boasted that the U.S. move was exactly what Putin “did not want” — and Moscow responded to predictable anger in the face of fierce resistance from Ukrainian troops equipped with Western weapons. ..

Putin accused the alliance of trying to claim its “superiority” and told journalists in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, that Ukraine and its people were “means” for NATO to “protect their interests.” rice field.

“The leaders of NATO countries … want to claim their hegemony, the ambitions of their empire,” the Russian president added.

NATO leaders have poured billions of dollars into Ukraine and faced a new appeal from President Volodymyr Zelensky for longer-range artillery.

“Ukraine can trust us as long as it is needed,” NATO chief Jason Stoltenberg announces a new NATO strategic overview focusing on the Moscow threat. Did.

The first updated document since 2010 warned that the alliance “cannot underestimate the possibility” of attacks on its members.

‘no problem’

“In today’s Madrid, NATO has proved that it can make difficult but essential decisions. We welcome a clear attitude towards Russia and the accession of Finland and Sweden,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. ..

Sweden and Finland, which have abandoned decades of nonalignment in response to a NATO aggression, were officially invited on Wednesday.

President Putin dismissed the move as “no problem.”

“We have no problems with Sweden and Finland like Ukraine … they can participate in whatever they want,” he said in Ashgabat.

In Ukraine, Russian missiles attacked private homes and businesses in and around the cities of Dnipro, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv, killing at least seven people and injuring 14 others, officials said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Kharkiv attack struck Ukrainian headquarters and training bases for foreign “mercenaries.”

It said it caused serious casualties to Ukrainian troops defending the town of Lysychans’k in Luhansk, one of the two states that make up the large Donbas region in the east.

Luhansk Governor Sergie Guyday said in a television comment Wednesday that the frequency of bombardment there was “very high” and the evacuation of about 15,000 civilians still in the city “may be dangerous at this time.” I don’t know. “

Luhansk and Donetsk, also in Donbus, are secessionists who have escaped Kyiv’s control since 2014.

Moscow acknowledged their independence in February — and on Wednesday Russia’s ally Syria became the only other country to do so.

This move quickly cut Zelensky’s relationship with Damascus. “There will no longer be a relationship between Ukraine and Syria,” he said in a video posted on Telegram.

Liquidation continued in Kremenchuk, a town where Russian missiles destroyed a shopping center and killed at least 18 civilians on Monday.

A huge crane was working near the collision site, and a rubble-studded parking lot was dumping a shopping cart full of clothing and household items.

Western leaders call the Kremenchuk strike a war crime. Russia said it had collided with a warehouse storing western weapons, and Putin denied on Wednesday that Moscow’s troops were responsible for a strike at a shopping center.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said 144 of their soldiers, most of them former defenders of the Azovstal iron and steel plant in the southern port city of Mariupol, were released in a prisoner exchange with Moscow.

“Exactly what he didn’t want”

The invasion of Moscow has created a wave of support for the Zelensky administration, including massive economic sanctions and the delivery of advanced weapons and the strengthening of Europe’s defenses.

Washington has announced that it will move the headquarters of the 5th Corps to Poland.

Army brigades enter and leave Romania, two squadrons of F-35 fighters are deployed in the United Kingdom, U.S. air defense systems are sent to Germany and Italy, and the U.S. Navy’s destroyer fleet in Spain increases from four to six. .. ..

“That’s exactly what he doesn’t want, but it needs to be done to ensure the security of Europe,” Biden said, retreating Western influence and influencing the territory of the former Russian Empire. Or mentioned Putin’s efforts to reestablish control.

Britain also promised another $ 1.2 billion on Wednesday in military aid to Ukraine, including air defense systems and drones.

Norway said it would donate three multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine after the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States made similar decisions.

Meanwhile, Indonesian President Joko Widodo became the first Asian leader to visit Kyiv since Russia’s invasion on February 24.

Zelensky said he accepted the invitation to the G20 Summit in Bali, depending on the “security situation” and on the guest list.

It is not clear if Putin will be invited in November, and some capitals are calling for his exclusion. Expanding NATO Square to Russia as Putin Slum’s “Empire” Alliance

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