Expatriates attend the National Foundation Day party in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg’s National Foundation Day is celebrated to commemorate the Grand Duke’s birthday. This is actually April.

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By CRiona Hicky

In a country where half of the population is foreign and three out of four in the working population, the question of how to celebrate a Luxembourg holiday has special implications.

This week, the Grand Duchy The long-awaited return to a regular national holiday celebration programAfter a two-year outage due to a coronavirus pandemic.

After a surely spectacular fireworks launch on Wednesday night, music, marching bands, folk groups, fireworks and much more awaits Luxembourg residents, ex-Pats, and indigenous peoples on Thursday.

Manet Bactamian, who arrived in Luxembourg from Armenia a few years ago, says the country found it “very interesting” to celebrate the monarch’s birthday, not Independence Day.

Still, she enjoys a happy birthday for the “Grand Duke’s Home Boy”.

Celebrating the national holidays of your new country is a great way to integrate and know it. Tradition and culture -And I have a lot of fun.

Maurice Hicky, who came to Luxembourg from Ireland 20 years ago, said he enjoyed “the atmosphere of a wonderful party at the most vibrant night of the year” and “world-class” fireworks.

In the capital, a celebration was held on Wednesday at 16:00 with the traditional change of guards at the Grand Palace. At Darm Square, there was a fanfare concert between 19:00 and 21:15, and the surrounding trees were illuminated with the colors of the Luxembourg flag.

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The torch procession, marching band and folk group started at 21:20 at Place des Puits Rouges and ended in front of the viaduct. At 23:00, a 17-minute fireworks display began at Pont Adolphe.

Many participants spent the night lasting until morning, taking advantage of the relaxed rules regarding drinking and closing times.

Ground Luxembourg hosts a 20-hour party from 16:00 on the 22nd to 12:00 on Thursday.

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Detours on June 22 (left) and June 23 (right)

Ville de Luxembourg

Public transport

After a one-hour stop from 22:30 to 23:30 leading to the fireworks, an additional bus was operated between 23:30 and 03:30. Stop.

On Wednesday night, the tram continued to circulate every 10 minutes. From 19:00 to 00:20, the tram did not circulate between Hamirius and Galle Central, and bus number 39 replaced it.

From 18:00 to 02:00 on Wednesdays and from 08:00 the next morning, cars were banned from entering the Gare district and city centre.

(Additional report by Reuben Malekar)

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