Expect Pesantren to act as a bridge between business and market: Vice President

So we recover faster and stronger than ever

Banjarbar, South Kalimantan (ANTARA) – Vice President Maruf Amin Pesantren To take on the role of off-taker or integrator in the economic development of the people through the empowerment of (Islamic Boarding Schools). Pesantrenbased economy.

Pesantren To ensure that the OPOP (One Pesantren One Product) program can continue to produce the best products, especially in its efforts to make the planet thrive for its people’s responsibilities, it must become an off-taker or integrator. No,” Amin said at the opening of the 2022 South Kalimantan One. The Pesantren One Product (OPOP) Expo will be held here on Thursday.

He explained that the role of the off-taker includes integrating all sectors involved in producing, purchasing and selling the product to ensure the process continues to run.

The Vice President also expressed hope. Pesantren We can build bridges between business actors and markets to enhance people’s sustainable economic empowerment.

“please Pesantren It serves as a bridge between agricultural products that are processed as semi-finished products (products) to go on to downstream processes and sell (products) to domestic and international markets,” Amin said.

Utilizing all available and unused land and resources is in line with Almighty God’s instruction to mankind to use all resources on earth for good purposes, and this year’s Indonesia He emphasized that it is consistent with the message of the 77th anniversary of independence.

“So we can recover faster and stand stronger than ever before. Pesantrenplay a role, Pesantren I can stand on my own and not be a burden on others,” he added.

Mr Amin also expressed his hope that the South Kalimantan OPOP Expo will inspire the development of OPOP programs in other regions to promote people’s self-sufficiency and prosperity.

“I hope this program will create economic self-sufficiency Pesantren And it benefits people,” he said.

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