Expert: Negative Billboard “does the right thing from an ANO perspective”

“From my point of view, the campaign does the right thing from the ANO point of view.

“They didn’t get enough attention from the media, so it only makes sense because they lost the election or couldn’t form a government.

“Currently, the media’s attention is very limited and the media is focused on Prime Minister Fiara.

“So the Babish team needed something, and they came up with this, and I think it works for many, many reasons.

“I believe it is effective.

“And it works. The proof of the effectiveness of the campaign is this interview.”

The ANO party claims that this is not a political campaign. What do you say to that claim?

Otto Ible | Photo: Masaryk University Brno

“No, of course it’s a political campaign. It’s part of their permanent campaign.

“Putting a non-politician on a sign doesn’t change anything.

“It’s a political campaign because it has a political goal and it’s happening in politics.

“But pretend not.”

What do you think it says about the possible tones you can expect in elections later this year? They seem to be seeking the fact that the government is supporting Ukrainians and “taking them away from our people.”

“It depends on whether you’re talking about local elections, the Senate election, or the presidential election.

“For example, I think there is a mix of alien exclusion and populism: what we are used to, what we have already seen, and what we already know.

“Therefore, the tone is pretty aggressive.

“Babiš must fight. Babiš must give the impression that he is” our people “, who cares about the Czech people.

“When the Ukrainians began to come, he also began to repeat what the government was not thinking about our people.

“This is valid for certain people.

“That is, this is the first part of something, something big. They are probably testing something.

“It’s the first part of something and at the same time reminds me. In Babiš everything was better.

“And the story goes on, and the story unfolds in the next few months.”

As is often the case in the Czech Republic, these signs have many parodies. I was wondering if this would also help Babiš because of the fact that they made this campaign very visible on social media.

“Yes, exactly. This is another proof that the campaign is working.

“All of these mockups that make fun of the campaign keep the message clear, which helps the campaign spread the message.

“And you need to understand who your target audience is.

“They are former ANO voters, former social democratic voters, and all those who feel abandoned or forgotten by Czech politicians.

“And here Babiš tells them, OK, I work for you. You know me-I worked hard for you in the past, and I will work for you in the future Do the same.

“That is, all sharing, all mockups help spread the basic message. Babiš is here and ready to communicate and serve people.” Expert: Negative Billboard “does the right thing from an ANO perspective”

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