Expert Question Plan for Ukrainian Roma Refugees

Who is responsible for the situation of Ukrainian Roma refugees at the station?

“I don’t think that’s an easy answer.

“It is the joint responsibility of the state and city to set the framework for people to access protection, at least to access basic accommodations, and to set basic needs for those who cannot for some reason. I believe that you are protected because you are waiting for the procedure to be evaluated, or because you have been refused but cannot return to your home country.

“And this can all be done with the support of NGOs and civil society, but it is not the sole responsibility of civil society.”

And what do you think of Troha’s tent city plans?

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Troja's Tent City | Photo: Hasičský záchranný sbor Praha<!–

“Well, I really want it to be an emergency measure. Everyone knows that this is a very temporary thing and it’s not the best solution. Tent containment The number of people is 150, and now there are more people at the station.

“Authorities claim that this is only for those who are waiting for a decision on temporary protection, for which the process has already begun, but as I mentioned earlier, Many people have not yet reached the procedure, or their application has been rejected, or they are protected but they just do not have accommodation.

“It’s a partial measure, but I don’t think it’s very useful overall. There are significant risks to the people housed there and to the way homeless people are dealt with.”

Initially, refugees had a lot of solidarity and everyone wanted to help. Do you think it’s still true or is it changing?

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Ukrainian Roma refugees at Prague Main Train Station | Photo: Roman Vondrouš, ČTK
Ukrainian Roma refugees at Prague Central Station | Photo: Roman Vondrouš, ČTK<!–

“I think there is still a lot of solidarity, but there are already some changes. There are voices that society is left behind or unsupported, and support for people from Ukraine is increasing. You can see that you are feeling.

“So we see more and more problems, and even those who are tired of the situation. Show help, support, and solidarity – it can be very difficult and demanding. I have.

“And we find that there is a major problem with access to accommodations for those who are temporarily staying in the coming months, and really that there are not enough accommodations offered by the general public. I’m worried, and there’s also a lack of answers from authorities on how to deal with the detention of people facing this. “ Expert Question Plan for Ukrainian Roma Refugees

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