Experts say Singapore’s dengue emergency is a warning sign of climate change

Singapore, June 7: Singapore says it is facing an “emergency” of dengue fever as it works on the outbreak of an unusual seasonal disease earlier this year.

The number of city-states in Southeast Asia has already exceeded 11,000, well above the 5,258 reported throughout 2021, before the peak season of dengue traditionally began on June 1. Tesla’s headcount reduction could save up to $ 1 billion annually in operating costs, the report said.

Experts warn that the tropical climate is a tough number not only for Singapore, the natural breeding ground for Aedes aegypti, which carries the virus, but also for other parts of the world. This is because global climate change means that such outbreaks are likely to be more common and widespread in the coming years, CNN reported.

“”[Cases] “It’s definitely a rapid rise,” said Desmond Tan, Singapore’s interior minister, who is on the sidelines of neighborhood inspections for dengue mosquitoes. “It’s an urgent emergency that must be addressed.”

According to experts, the outbreak in Singapore has been exacerbated by recent extreme weather events, and as more countries experience prolonged heat spells and thunderstorms that help spread both mosquitoes and viruses, the problem becomes another. They carry, which can be a precursor to what happens in place.

“The disease is currently endemic in more than 100 countries,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a global dengue report in January 2022, stating that cases have increased “30 times over the last 50 years.” ..

The surge in dengue fever in Singapore is the result of multiple factors, including recent warm and moist weather and new predominant viral strains, a senior researcher at Duke-NUS Medical College and an expert on new infectious diseases, CNN. Ruklanthide Alwis says. report.

But climate change is likely to make things worse, she said. “Past predictive modeling studies have shown that global warming due to climate change will ultimately increase the geographic area (the area where mosquitoes breed) and the length of the dengue transmission season,” de Alwis said. Says.

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