Explainer: How Ukrainian pensioners became a pre-war symbol in Russia

Elderly Ukrainian women became a symbol of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after pensioners mistakenly greeted Ukrainian soldiers with the Soviet flag.

Her viral popularity comes towards Victory Day on Russia’s May 9th holiday, when nostalgia for the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany’s defeat in World War II are on the rise.

Here’s what you need to know about Babushka, whose image has spread on the Russian Internet:

what happened?

Early April, video Showing an old woman greeting Ukrainian soldiers with a red Soviet flag has become viral.

Soldiers wore the Ukrainian flag on their uniform sleeves, but pensioners mistaken them for Russian troops, and she and her husband “waited and prayed for Putin and all.” I told the soldiers.

The soldiers took the flag when they started handing food from an older woman. However, the pensioner returned the food when he saw the army put the flag on the ground and imprinted it on the mud.

She told the soldiers that her parents fought for the Soviet flag in World War II, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, ” [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. ”

Video grab

Why did you grow so big?

Nostalgia for the Soviet victory in World War II, coupled with Kremlin’s claim that the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine was persecuted by the government, pre-war Russians soon thought of Ukrainian grandmothers. It means that it was stopped.

Her story was quickly picked up by the Russian state media, who praised her grandmother’s courage and resilience. Her reaction was used as evidence that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine gained grassroots support among locals who regarded Russian troops as “liberators.”

Russian national broadcaster Channel 1 featured Babushka on both April 7 When April 9th.. Four days later, Russia’s UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky Said The older woman symbolized “another Ukraine” who could have a “good neighbor relationship” with Russia.

The flag raised by pensioners, a red flag with hammers, mallets and stars in the shape of the flag on the Capitol when the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany in World War II, is also Russian. It is tied to strong emotions.

Soviet flag saw along with The Russian tricolor flag of the so-called “liberated” Ukrainian city captured by the Russian army.

What’s happening now?

Along with the letters Z and V, the so-called “Babushka Z” became a symbol of prewar Russian rallies.

The image of an elderly woman holding a flag Duplicate with mural As far as Russia Sakhalin An island in the Far East.She inspired Postcard, Street banner, Billboard When Army chevron..Russian online marketplace OZON sell A sticker featuring her image of 280 rubles ($ 3.81).

In the Russian city of Voronezh, about 325 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border, artists made wood carvings. Sculpture Of Babushka.The red victory flag in the hands of the statue brought From the Ukrainian separatist Donetsk People’s Republic.

The new pro-Russian mayor of Mariupol’s besieged Said A statue that immortalizes an unnamed woman will appear in the city center at a later date.

Similar sculptures appeared in the Russian city of Belgorod, even closer to the Ukrainian border, but authorities eventually appeared. take down Ongoing statue Vandalism..

Russian police take such cases seriously. A man who broke a cardboard clipping in Babushka was detained in Moscow Charged “It damages the credibility of the Russian army.”

Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian space company Roscosmos promised On April 23, we will paint an elderly woman on the side of the rocket to prepare for the next launch.However, although Roscosmos succeeded in launching the rocket, Decorated with paint A few days later Letter Z, the pensioner himself was not visible.

But what happened to Babushka?

A New video Allegedly published on Telegram on Tuesday is sharing new details about the woman who became an unexpected symbol.

A pensioner, called Anna, lives with her husband in a Ukrainian-owned area near the town of Dvorikna, 5 km from the forefront of northeastern Ukraine. Anna and her husband refused to evacuate the village because they didn’t want to leave her pet behind.

In a new clip, Anna talks very little to a group of Ukrainian soldiers and states that she does not understand why the ammunition was fired near the village. She eventually returns to her home while her husband is grateful for the care of the Ukrainian army. Explainer: How Ukrainian pensioners became a pre-war symbol in Russia

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