Explosion at ammunition depot and fires in northern Crimea

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A series of explosions occurred at an ammunition depot near the village of Maisuke, Dzhankoy province in northern Crimea. The explosion started around 6:00 am and lasted for several hours. Nearby houses were also damaged, according to the head of Crimea Sergei Aksenov. He claimed two local residents were injured. “One was injured by shrapnel and one was crushed by a wall,” Aksenov said. One of his victims had a mild illness and was hospitalized, while his other was treated in an outpatient setting. Authorities announced the evacuation of the area. Aksenov noted that people were taken out of his 5 km zone and placed in schools in neighboring villages. A total of 2,000 people were reportedly evacuated.

The reason for the incident is still unclear. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the explosion began after a fire in a temporary ammunition depot, noting that the cause of the fire itself is being investigated. In Ukraine, neither authorities nor media sources have commented on the incident.

At the same time, another incident occurred in Zhangkoy – a substation caught fire. RIA Novosti quoted sources as saying the fire started “after a strong explosion”. About three hours later, the Crimean Energy Ministry reported that the fire had been brought under control, stressing that the incident had not disrupted power supplies to consumers. A probable cause of the fire has not yet been reported. Explosion at ammunition depot and fires in northern Crimea

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