Exquisite sculpture first exhibited in Santorini

The Kore of Thira, an elaborate 7th-century BC female figure, will be on display for the first time in a special exhibition at the under-construction Museum of Thira on Santorini.

The Thira Kore was discovered in November 2000 by archaeologist Charalambos Sigarasu in the Serrada cemetery in the ancient city of Thira on Santorini.

Made of white Naxos marble, the Daedalic style Kore is 2.48m230 high and weighs 750kg.

Distinguishing Features Daedalic A characteristic “archaic smile”, triangular or wig-like hair, and large almond-shaped eyes.As these are early non-naturalistic archaic sculptural forms, the body features are rather rigid and linear.

Kore is one of the few female figures of this size found in this period (7th century BC).

The statue is mostly intact due to the inset pegs at the base. Missing only the tip of the nose and the bent right arm resting on the chest, this sculpture is one of the few surviving examples of large and prominent early Greek stone carvings, depicting Kouros and a daughter (kore). ), the quintessential expression of beauty in these times.

A largely intact image of a female figure wearing a long Doric veil uniquely complements our knowledge of the type of maiden of the late 7th century. The Ministry of Culture noted that BC’s complete preservation highlights its stylistic character and unique artistic value.

The impressive statue has been kept in secret ever since it was discovered due to lack of space.

For the first time ever, Tiva’s Kore will be on display in a temporary exhibition inaugurated by Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni on September 4th.

*Photo courtesy of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Exquisite sculpture first exhibited in Santorini

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