Extreme video: car flips twice in mid-air after hitting billboard in Hungary

A horrific accident was captured on video by a house security camera in Trony, Vas County, Hungary. A car entered an intersection at high speed, and another car appeared there and collided with it. stopped beside me.

A terrible accident has been caught on camera at a home in Trony, Bath County.The car smashed into another car, hit a sign and flew into the air. RTL Hirad.

A white car came to an intersection at high speed, and a black car also appeared there. The driver jerked his steering wheel as he wanted to avoid a collision, but hit it anyway. She then hit her billboard, launching her car into the air and spinning twice before stopping sideways in front of a closed store. reports.

According to RTL News, the driver of the black car initiated a left turn at the turn signals, while the driver of the car behind was probably too late. According to reports, the woman driving the white car was driving over the 50km/h speed limit.

She and her passenger were taken to hospital with minor bruises by an ambulance at the scene. The black car, carrying a family with children aged 2 and 4, escaped the horrific accident unharmed. However, their car had a broken front left headlight.

According to locals, this straight road is regularly used by speeders. Accidents are not frequent, but dangerous situations often occur. There is also a school nearby, but residents say this has not been taken into consideration.

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sauce: RTL Híradó, Extreme video: car flips twice in mid-air after hitting billboard in Hungary

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