Fajon: Bosnia’s proposal for EU candidate status has gained strong support

Luxembourg-Slovenia’s proposal that the EU should grant the status of EU candidate for Bosnia and Herzegovina as soon as possible has received a great deal of support, especially at today’s EU Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Tanja said. Foreign Minister Fajon said after her. She outlined her proposal to her counterpart.

“I can say with great confidence that Slovenian proposals are met with a lot of support and, above all, a lot of understanding among my colleagues.

“Because everyone knows that West Balkan has the prospect of expansion and we need our political support and commitment,” she said after a session of the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg. ..

Some EU Foreign Ministers responded to the proposal with approval, but others said they were surprised: “Politics showing that Slovenia is driving an expansion process in the region and will not forget these countries. It is important to send a target signal. “

According to Fajon, the proposal is for Bosnia to acquire candidate status on similar terms to Ukraine. This means getting the candidate’s status as soon as possible, but the country must meet all the necessary conditions before the accession negotiations begin.

Given the version of the proposal obtained by STA, Bosnia will be given candidate status at the EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

Before starting accession negotiations, it is necessary to adopt the laws stipulated in the political agreement agreed by the Bosnian political parties in the negotiations held in Brussels a week ago.

These are the High Justice and Prosecution Council Law, the Court Law, the Prevention of Conflict of Interest Law, and the Public Procurement Law.

At a council meeting, Fajon emphasized the role of expansion to the West Balkans, and Slovenia strongly supported giving Ukraine the status of an EU candidate and helping to end Russia’s aggression as soon as possible. did.

The minister also told the media that discussions continued and EU leaders have some important steps to take at this week’s EU summit.

She hopes to begin accession negotiations between North Macedonia and Albania, but at the same time hopes for a strong understanding of Slovenia’s proposal to give Bosnia a candidate status as soon as possible. Fajon: Bosnia’s proposal for EU candidate status has gained strong support

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