Falcone: Police widow appeals to Capaci’s “state traitor”-English

(See related article) (ANSA)-Rosaria Costa, widow of Vito Schifani, one of the three police bodyguards killed with Giovanni Falcone and his wife in the ROME-1992 Capaci bombing on May 23. “The men who betrayed the nation to reveal the truth about the Mafia attack” on Monday.

People outside of Cosa Nostra are suspected of being involved in the attack, including perhaps people in the state.

“Cooperate and let us know the truth,” Costa told RAI Radio.

“I would like to tell you to act with dignity, including the power of law and order to wear uniforms and not pollute it, as those who betrayed it in the past did. increase.

“My attraction is trying to have a conscience because you will be facing God about this.”

Costa made a moving complaint during the funeral of the victims of the Capaci bombing and said he would forgive them to Mafioshi, but only if they had the courage to kneel and change.

“But they won’t change,” she said in a tearful speech expressing the country’s disappointment.

Sifani was 27 years old when he was killed. (ANSA).

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