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Falk, Blue Float Eikert Sea Floating Wind Turbine

Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy said Wednesday that Llywelyn and Petroc’s floating offshore wind turbines are accelerating in the waters of Wales and the United Kingdom, ensuring grid connectivity and nearly a year’s worth of bird research. Said that. Both companies aim to implement the project from 2027 to 2028.

Located in Wales and the waters of the United Kingdom off the coast of Pembrokeshire and Devon, respectively, with a target installation capacity of 300 MW each, Rewellin and Petrok will reach the 1 GW target for UK offshore wind power by 2030. Will greatly contribute to. The company said.

These sites were selected according to an extensive evaluation process that includes a review of protected areas, environmental impacts, cable routing, existing infrastructure, maritime traffic, and fishing activities.

Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy are also planning to develop a local manufacturing base for offshore wind power.

“Based on Falck’s and Blue Float’s extensive knowledge of floating offshore wind, the partnership will select technologies that can maximize existing regional infrastructure while optimizing new investments,” the two companies said.

“With the signing of connection agreements with the National Grid in August and September 2021, the partnership will serve as a stepping stone to the rapid development of these 300 MW projects, which will play a major role in the development of the Celtic floating wind industry. We believe it will help. A stone for large-scale development by the end of the decade to reach the 20354GW target announced by Crown Estate in November 2021, “added the duo.

Richard DebrisFalck Renewables Wind Ltd.’s Managing Director said: Small businesses and communities will be able to engage them in the ways that have become known in the UK for the past 20 years.

If Llywelyn and Petroc agree, Wales and the Southwest will witness the birth of a new industry that will benefit local businesses and communities first. Technology to do considerable outreach work with local port authorities and improve port infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of the floating offshore wind industry in an effort to maximize local content in Wales and the Southwest. We discussed the requirements.

These projects will soon be incorporated into the planning system and will also make an important contribution to the UK’s Net Zero goal. “

Carlos Martin, CEO of BlueFloat Energy, said: At the same time, we will launch a regional supply chain to reach our 1GW goal.

These stepping stone projects have the potential to reach 60% of the UK’s 2030 target, and there is no reason why Llywelyn and Petroc could not be expanded to provide capacity beyond 2030.

Ultimately, Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy will be able to supply 1-2 GW of the 4GW 2035 target by continuing to work with Crown Estate and the regional development community, with the Celtic Sea being Europe’s major offshore wind farm. I’m sure it will be one. zone. “

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